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Refer to the course syllabus for the overall course goals and objective and the course calendar for test dates and activities. Use the Web tutorials and Web search services to find more information on the World Wide Web.

A class electronic discussion group will be used for group discussions along with CHAT and Web Conferencing.



Unit 1: Enter Title

Unit Goals and Objectives

  • List what you would like the student to know by the end of the unit.
  • List what you would like the student to think by the end of the unit.
  • List what you would like the student to do by the end of the unit.


Lecture Notes

Description and/or link to lecture notes page



Assigned Readings


List chapters covered in the unit, list other reference materials, link to Resources page for the overall reading materials information. You can link to a Readings page for further detail if needed.


Group Activities

Does the student need to talk to one person or more?

Should the group meet at the same time (synchronous) or can they communicate at different times (asynchronous)?

Example: Complete the assigned reading and meet with another student in the class, online, by phone or in person and explain what you read to each other.



Take the student survey on technology skills and knowledge


Discussion Groups

Refer back to the People section for information on communication tools and student e-mail addresses



Post a weekly submission to the course electronic discussion list. Postings might include:

  • Questions or problems requiring further explanation.
  • Insights you want to share on the material covered in the unit.
  • Additional information or resources you have found that might be of interest to others.



Web Resources

Links back to the resource.htm page.

The following Web links have information relevant to this topic. As you locate other Web resources, post the site address to the course discussion list.



Review the unit goals and objectives and determine measures and evaluation of student learning effectiveness.


Exam & Review
Paper Assignment
Project Proposal


Describe assessment method, such as:

Each student moderates a COW topic and summarizes the results by comparing the discussions with the stated unit objectives. Post final summaries on COW. (Link to a sample)

Design 10 multiple choice questions relating to the primary objectives of this unit.

Note: on the calendar page you would link the assessment (review/test) date back to the unit page.

 enter due date and link to calendar date.

Submit questions or comments to the class discussion list (link to your listserv or listproc address) or to the instructor at yourname@school.edu.



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