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Other Courses

I have had the pleasure of teaching a wide variety of courses in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. I have collected here copies of syllabi from courses other than those that I am currently teaching. The course information (textbook, policies, assignments, etc.) continuously evolves, so the next time that I teach one of these courses, it may not be exactly the same. These are for reference only and do not necessarily reflect the policies and procedures that will be in future syllabi.

Lower Division

Physics 1 - Physical Reasoning and Calculation

Physics 5A - College Physics: Mechanics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics

Physics 5B Lecture - College Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, & Modern Physics

Physics 5B Laboratory - College Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, & Modern Physics

Physics 11A Laboratory - University Physics: Mechanics & Dynamics

Physics 11C Lecture - University Physics: Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern Physics

Physics 11C Laboratory - University Physics: Electricity and Magnetism


Upper Division

Physics 115 - Electronics and Instrumentation

Physics 116 - Advanced Electronic and Instrumentation

Physics 150 - Quantum Mechanics

Physics 151 - Advanced Modern Physics

Physics 175 - Advanced Physics Laboratory

Physics 190 - Senior Seminar (Course no longer in this format)

Physics 191 - Senior Project (Links to Departmental Page)

Physics 199 - Special Topics