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Roy W. Dixon

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Title: Professor and Department Chair

M 8:30-10 &1-3

Tu 1:30-3:30

W 9-10:30

Office is Sequoia 508

E-mail: rdixon@csus.edu
(916) 278-6893
Sacramento State
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6057


  • Chem 31 (Fall, 2017)
  • See Additional for Classes taught in last two years (very bottom of this page)

Publications and Recent Presentations

  • Gallegos, A., T. Peavy, R. Dixon, and R. R. Isseroff, Development of a novel ion-pairing UPLC method with cation-exchange solid-phase extraction for determination of free timolol in human plasma,J. Chromatogr. B, 1096, 228-235, 2018.
  • Dixon, R.W., (2009) Editorial – Aerosol-based detectors for liquid chromatography: Do they have a role in bioanalysis?, Bioanalysis1, 1389-1392.
  • Villanueva-Fierro, I., C. J. Popp, R. W. Dixon, R. S. Martin, J. S. Gaffney, N. A. Marley, and J. M. Harris (2009), Ground level chemical analysis of air transported from the 1998 Mexican-Central American fires to the southwestern USA, Rev. Int. Contam. Ambient., 25, 23-3.
  • Ward, T.J., R.F. Hamilton, Jr., R.W. Dixon, M. Paulsen and C.D. Simpson (2006), Characterization and evaluation of smoke tracers in PM: Results from the 2003 Montana wildfire season, Atmos. Environ., 40, 7005-7017.
  • Dixon, R.W. and G. Baltzell (2006), Determination of levoglucosan in atmospheric aerosols using high performance liquid chromatography with aerosol charge detection, J. Chromatogr. A, 1109, 214-221.
  • Dixon, R.W. and D.S. Peterson (2002), Development and testing of a new detector for liquid chromatography based on aerosol charging, Anal. Chem., 74, 2930-2937.
  • Dixon, R.W. and H.A. Aasen (1999), Measurements of hydroxymethanesulfonate in atmospheric aerosols, Atmos. Environ., 33, 2023-2029.
  • Dixon, R., D. Peterson, K. Carr, and B. Deng (1998), An examination of methods to treat organic wastes using potassium superoxide, 1998 Joint Conference on the Environment, Proceeding, WERC Administrative Office, Las Cruces, NM, 299-301.
  • Gaffney, J.S., N.A. Marley, R.S. Martin, R.W. Dixon, L.G. Reyes, and C.J. Popp (1997), Potential air quality effects of using ethanol-gasoline fuel blends: A field study in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Environ. Sci. Technol., 31, 3053-3061.
  • Dixon, R.W., L. Mosimann, B. Oberholzer, J. Staehelin, A. Waldvogel, and J.L. Collett, Jr. (1995), The effect of riming on the ion concentrations of winter precipitation.  1.  A quantitative analysis of field measurements, J. Geophys. Res., 100D, 11,517-11,527.
  • Dixon, R.W. and R.J. Charlson (1994), Development of a new real-time method for measuring S(IV) in cloud water using a counter-flow virtual impactor, Tellus, 46B, 193-204.
  • Staehelin, J., A. Waldvogel, J. L. Collett, Jr, R. Dixon, R. Heimgartner, W. Henrich, C. Hsu, L. Li, L. Mosimann, B. Oberholzer, A. Prevôt, W. Schmid, T. Schumann, M. Steiner, M. Volken, and B. Zinder (1993), Scientific goals and experiments of the project 'Winter Precipitation at Mount Rigi': An overview, Water, Soil, and Air Pollution, 68, 1-14.
  • Staehelin, J., J.L. Collett, Jr., R. Dixon, W. Henrich, C. Hsu, B. Oberholzer, L. Mosimann, and A. Waldvogel (1993), Investigations of physical and chemical processes contributing to winter precipitation chemistry using field measurements from Mount Rigi (Switzerland) in Photo-Oxidants: Precursors and Products, Proceedings of EUROTRAC Symposium, 1992, P.M. Borell, P. Borell, T. Cvitas, and W. Seiler (Ed.), SPB Academic Publications, The Hague.
  • Dixon, R.W. (1992), Additional mass transport considerations in the formation of hydroxyalkyl-sulfonates, Atmos. Environ., 26A, 899-905.
  • Feeney, P.J., T. A. Cahill, H.J. Annegarn, R. Dixon, P. Beveridge (1987), Solar-powered aerosol samplers for use with PIXE analysis, Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, B22, 349-352.

Recent Presentations
  • Hu, K., N. Kiedrowski, R. W. Dixon, and T. R. Peavy,  “Improved Methodologies for Analysis of Glycoprotein Oligosaccharides using a Porous Graphitic Carbon Column,” (presented by K. Hu) at the CSU Biotechnology Symposium, Santa Clara, CA, January, 2010.
  • Dixon, R. W., N. Kiedrowski, and T. R. Peavy, Use of HPLC with charged aerosol detection for quantification of biologically relevant oligosaccharides. Poster presented at Pittcon, Chicago, IL, March 2009.
  • Kiedrowski, N., M. Bastidas, T. R. Peavy, and R. W. Dixon, Development of an HPLC method for isolation, quantification, and monosaccharide composition determination of biologically relevant oligosaccharides, Poster presented by N. Kiedrowski at the 21th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium, Los Angeles, CA, January, 2009.
  • Kiedrowski, N., T. Boyce, T.R. Peavy and R.W. Dixon, Development of a novel HPLC method for isolation and quantification of biologically relevant oligosacchrides, Poster presented by N. Kiedrowski at the 20th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium, Oakland, CA, January, 2008.
  • Abhyankar, M.S., and R.W. Dixon, Aerosol monosaccharides as tracer species for identifying August 2002 wildfire smoke transport to California's Central Valley, Poster presented by M. Abhyankar at the 2007 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, CA. 
  • Dixon, R. W., K. Goodwin, R. Wong, and W. DeGraffenreid, Effects and use of spray electrification in aerosol charge detection for HPLC, oral presentation at the 30th International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques, San Francisco, CA, June, 2006.
  • Wong, R. H. F. and R. W. Dixon, An investigation of charging modes in an aerosol chage detector for HPLC, Poster Presentation given by R. Dixon at the 18th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium, San Jose, CA, January, 2006.
  • Goodwin, K. N., R. H. F. Wong, R. W. Dixon, and W. DeGraffenreid, Development of an economical detector for HPLC utilizing spray electrification, (presented by K. Goodwin) at the 18th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium, San Jose, CA, January, 2006.
  • Dixon , R. W., Measurement of Carbohydrates in Aerosols from Forest Fires and Residential Wood Burning, invited presentation for UC Davis Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry Graduate Group, October, 2005.
  • Dixon, R. W., G. Baltzell, J. R. Cruz, A. C. Rios, E. Vidrio, and K. K. Whitfield, Use of HPLC with an Aerosol Charge Detector for the Analysis of Carbohydrates, Western Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Sacramento, CA, October, 2004.
  • Cruz, J. R. and R. W. Dixon, Residential Wood Combustion in California Central Valley Cities and the Sierra Nevada Mountains during Winter, (presented by J. Cruz) Western Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Sacramento, CA October, 2004.

Research Projects/Interests


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