Chem 31 - Quantitative Analysis
Fall, 2014

Class syllabus

Instructor Office Hours:

Instructor Office Hours
Dr. Roy Dixon 446C Mon. 12-1, Tu. 3:30-4:30, Th 4-5
Dr. Jahansooz Toofan 444C Tu 3-4 (in office); Th 11-12 in Sequoia 502
Dr. Justin Miller-Schulze 426C M 9:45-10:45, Tu 4-5, W 9:45-10:45


Homework Set 1 (now has text problem solutions linked for set 1.1)

Quiz Solutions

Lab Grading Document and Report Schedule

Lab Report Forms (all lab report forms - except labs for which spreadsheet is required - in single, 6 page pdf document)

Lab Manual - first 21 pages (given because the lab manual is currently being reprinted)

Link to Spring, 2014 class including exams and quizzes

Sept. 3 lecture notes

Sept. 8 lecture notes

Sept. 10 lecture notes

Sept. 15 lecture notes

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