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Time & Place
Spring 2014, TTh 12-1:15 @ Library 65 (enter through BACK by AIRC)
Joël Dubois (view home page), Mendocino 2016, (916) 278-5332, jdubois@csus.edu
Office Hours
Tu 3:45-4:45 pm, W 1:30-2:30 pm hand by appointment

The primary information for this course is provided through this course content site, rather than via a word processed (printed & scanned) syllabus. The SacCT site is used for communication and for some assessments (see "Course Policies"), but ***it is the site you are reading now, which you navigate via the menu bar on the left side of this page, that provides all the information about the way the course is structured.***

The site provides information found in a traditional syllabus in three places:

  1. an overview that includes the course description, learning objectives, and list of sources, to be viewed online; as well as a concise breakdown of assignments and point values, which you should *PRINT AND KEEP* with your course materials.

  2. a PDF document entitled "Course Policies," which you should *PRINT AND KEEP* with your course materials.

  3. a schedule of readings that contains numerous links to necessary study materials. **I DO NOT RECOMMEND PRINTING** the course schedule, at least initially. Wait until you have been exposed to its use during the first few weeks of class, as you may find it more helpful to consult online.

In addition, this overview section begins with an explanation of the learning approach that makes this course very different from what most students are used to. The other sections of the site provides in-depth information about assignments, extra credit and frequently asked questions.

NOTE: this site is PUBLIC and so can be accessed outside of SacCT; even if you loose the URL, you can enter my name (Dubois) and the course number (HRS 147) in any search engine to find it.

Course Description

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Assignment Overview

Course Policies (PDF download)

Schedule of Readings

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