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End-of-Unit Challenges

Team Readiness Assessments (TRAs) are given at the start of each two week unit to assess student comprehension of key concepts, in order to prepare the way for team Application Exercises. The Application Exercises (ApExs) for each unit guide students in reading three Asian primary source, in order to prepare for the End-of-Unit Challenge given at the end of the unit, which requires using information gathered from the Asian sources to offer advice as part of a hypothetical contemporary scenario.

Format & Scoring of the End-of-Unit Challenge

The End-of-Unit Challenge assesses (1) how well each student understands the details of the historical records of Asian practice, and (2) how effectively each team uses evidence from those sources to to offer advice as part of the contemporary scenario the precedes each set of Asian sources in the Course Reader.

  1. The first portion of each End-of-Unit Challenge requires an #882 Scantron (50 questions front & back). It is an individual test, to which students may bring **ONLY the Course Reader (RDR) and any annotations made directly onto the printed pages of the reading.** The test the includes three types of multiple choice questions (a TOTAL of 10 questions):

    A. five (5) questions asking to define, recognize examples of, and/or identify the significance of one or more of the words & names identified in the reading guide for each two-week unit of the course. At least one question will address additional information about terms found in the on-line Encyclopedia Britannica; such terms are marked with an asterisk ("*") in the reading guide.

    B. three (3) questions asking to (i) identify the title, composer, and historical period of the source for TWO unidentified passages drawn from the required primary sources assigned for each two-week unit; as well as (ii) what precedes and follows the passages. These passages will be chosen from a set of FOUR unidentified passages provided at the end of the reading guide for each two-week unit.

    C. two (2) questions asking for contextual information about an object, individual or event depicted in a slide from the on-line Power Point presentation (PPT), and sometimes other on-line images, assigned for each two-week unit. Terms related to such images are marked with TWO asterisks ("**") in the reading guide.

    Each question is worth two (2) points, for a TOTAL of twenty (20) points

  2. The second portion of teach End-of-Unit Challenge is a team activity that requires team members to draw on evidence from the historical records of Asian practice to provide advice to a group or individual about the contemporary practices described in the hypothetical scenario for a given unit.This portion is OPEN BOOK and collaborative: all books and notes may be used.

    This portion of the test will be assessed with a rubric, for a total of twenty (20) points.

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