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Fall 2012, MW 3-4:15@ Del Norte 1010
Joël Dubois (view home page), Mendocino 2016, (916) 455-5332, jdubois@csus.edu
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Tu 3-4, W 1:30-2:30, Th 10-11 and by appointment
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Daniella Culbert (contact via SacCT)


"...no thought, no idea, can possibly be conveyed as an idea from one person to another. When it is told, it is, to the one to whom it is told, another given fact, not an idea. The communication may stimulate the other person to realize the question for himself and to think out a like idea, or it may smother his intellectural interest and suppress his dawning effort at thought. But what he directly gets cannot be an idea. Only by wrestling with the conditions of the problem at first hand, seeking and finding his own way out, does he think."

--John Dewey, Democracy and Education, 1916

To stay engaged in and to succeed in the work of this course , you should be prepared to wrestle directly with the conditions of the problems that I present to you. In John Dewey's words, having heard my ideas, you must be ready "to realize the question for [your]self and to think out a like idea" and to engage in "seeking and finding [your] own way out" of the problems to which I draw your attention.

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