"Elements of Religion"

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Spring 2012, TTh 12-1:15
@ Del Norte 1010


Joël Dubois (view home page), Mendocino 2016
(916) 455-5332, jdubois@csus.edu

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Tu 2:30-3:30, W 3:45-4:45, Th 10-11 and by appointment

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Derek Hartkopf (contact via SacCT)

Catalogue Description

A survey of Hindu religious teachings, stories, and history, as expressed through the holy days and festivals celebrated each spring & summer by Hindus throughout India and abroad, during which ideas, stories, and values are transmitted from one generation to the next. Examines the little understood and rarely discussed historical development behind each celebration, based on both ancient and contemporary sources, thereby revealing why Hindu ideas and history have remained compelling to Hindus for thousands of years. (3 units, GE area C1)

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