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Holly A. Heyser

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Title: Professional Journalist in Residence (faculty adviser to, and business manager of, The State Hornet)

Effective the end of the Spring 2013 semester, I am no longer teaching at Sacramento State. I will not be updating this web page.


Please direct inquiries about the Hornet to Communication Studies Department Chair Steve Buss, whose email address is buss@csus.edu.

Questions about advertising should be directed to Advertising Manager Diane Kauffman, whose email address is statehornetads@yahoo.com.

The State Hornet's mailing address is:

The State Hornet
6000 J Street - University Union, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95819-6102

State Hornet information:

The State Hornet is the student-run newspaper of Sacramento State. Students working at the Hornet can earn course credit (JOUR197A or internships for other departments, subject to approval), and in some cases, scholarships, commissions or wages. To reach the editor in chief, who is in charge of all staffing decisions, email editor@statehornet.com.


Statement of teaching philosophy

Curriculum vitae

Professional experience

Before returning to my alma mater in 2006 to begin teaching journalism, I spent 19 years as a reporter and editor for six newspapers in California, Virginia and Minnesota. Since returning to Sacramento State, I have continued my professional work as a freelance writer, photographer and blogger.

NEWSPAPER EXPERIENCE, 1984-2006 - reporter and editor at six professional newspapers, as well as The State Hornet, the student newspaper of Sacramento State.

  • Newspaper reporter:
    • State government reporter, The Virginian-Pilot, 1997-2002 (link to The Virginian-Pilot)
    • Local government and elections reporter, The San Jose Mercury News, 1993-1997 (link to The Mercury News)
    • Local government and schools reporter, The Peninsula Times Tribune, 1990-1992
    • Community reporter, Sacramento Bee Neighbors, 1988-1989
    • News reporter, The State Hornet, Sacramento State, 1984-85 (link to The State Hornet)

FREELANCE, 2006 to present - writer, photographer (link to photo portfolio) and blogger

  • Writing/photography:

    • About.com (link to Fish & Seafood Cooking)
      • Photo contributor
    • The Art of Eating (link to Art of Eating)
      • Photos, "The Lost Fishery: Shad in California," Spring 2010
      • Photos, "Duck Hunt: In Search of California's Perfect Wild Waterfowl," Winter 2009
      • Photos, "Foraging for Clams on Block Island," Issue No. 78, Summer 2008
    • California Waterfowl
      • Photos, "Banding Together," November/December 2009
      • Story and photo, "Losing your bird," May/June 2009
      • Story, "The Whole Duck," November/December 2008
      • Story and photos, "Annie Get Your Gun (Fitted)," September/October 2008
      • Story, "The Wild Game Diet," May/June 2008
      • Story and photos, "Walking the WOC," May/June 2008
    • Cooking Wild (link to Cooking Wild)
      • Photos, "SALMON BITS: what to do with the rest of the salmon," Fall 2012
      • Photos, "Going Whole Hog" and "Wild Turkey Carnitas," Spring 2010 (inaugural issue)
      • Photo, "Grasping the Nettle," Winter 2010
    • Delta Waterfowl
      • Photos, "Do More with Your Ducks," Spring 2013
      • Photo, "The Sea Duck Conundrum: Here’s a solution: Serve up a flavorful waterfowl stew,” Fall 2012
      • Photos, "Camp Chef: Hot Off the Grill: A blazing barbeque can yield a perfect duck dinner,” Summer 2012
      • Photo, “Camp Chef: Cooking Your Goose,” Winter 2011
      • Photo, “Q&A: A Few Words with Hank Shaw, Author of ‘Hunt, Gather, Cook,’”  Summer 2011
      • Photos, "Comfort Food: After a day in the duck blind, what's better than a bowl of homemade duck soup?" Winter 2010
      • Essay, "Why do we hunt?" Winter 2009
      • Photos, "Tips for Grilling Ducks," Summer 2009
      • Audio slideshow, "Flattening a Duck for the Grill," Summer 2009 Web Xtras (link to audio slideshow)
    • Edible Rhody (link to Edible Rhody)

      • Photos, "Sun Farm Oysters: An Alternative Approach to Aquafarming on Block Island," Summer 2008
    • Edible Sacramento (link to Edible Sacramento)
      • Photos, "Profit and Pastry: The Role of the Pastry Chef in a Down Economy," Spring 2010
      • Photos, "Goat goes haute," Spring 2009
      • Photos, "Searching for sustainable beef," Winter 2009
      • Photos, "Farm to cocktail," Fall 2008
      • Photos, "Kind of blue: Modesto's Champion Chicken," Fall 2008
      • Photos, "Sausage: A Love Supreme," Spring 2008
    • Gastronomica
      • Photos, "Chasing Angels: The Sweet Wine Angelica," Summer 2008
    • Gilt Taste
      • Photos, "Thrill of the Mushroom Hunt," May 2011 (link to story)
    • Gourmet Live
      • Photos, “Bringing Home the Bacon – with a Rifle,” September 2011 (link to story)
    • Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (link to blog)
      • Primary photographer
    • Imbibe Magazine (link to magazine)
      • Photo, “Flight Plan: 10 destinations to visit in 2013,” (January/February 2013)
      • Photos, "Wheat of the Moment: Warming wheat wine ales make an ideal cold-weather companion," November/December 2012
    • Meatpaper (link to Meatpaper)
      • Photo, "The Forgotten Prey: Reviving a taste for the squirrel hunt," Summer 2008
    • Organic Gardening (link to Organic Gardening)
      • Photo, "Call of the Wild (Greens)," February/March 2011
    • Pheasants Forever
      • Photos, ii. Photos, “BBQ & Smoking Wild Game: Slow cooked pheasant and venison to die for,” (Winter 2013)
      • Photos, "Heard of Shore Lunch? Try Pheasant Field Lunch," 2012 Pheasant Hunting Preview edition (August 2012)
      • Photos, “Gamebird Gourmet” recipe booklet, Spring 2012
      • Photos, "Pheasant Home Cooking," Winter 2012
    • Sacramento Bee
      • Story and photos, "Copper River salmon tops them all," Sept. 5, 2012 (link to story)
      • Commentary, "Viewpoint: Some grim but timely truths about hunting," April 15, 2012 (link to story)
      • Story and photo, "Cal Expo Dog Show to prove it's a canine's world," April 5, 2012 (link to story)
      • Story, "Biathlon -- the challenge of combining two opposite sports," March 22, 2012 (link to story)
      • Story, “Ron White: Black suit, blue collar,” Sept. 16, 2011 (link to story)
      • Story, "Author Thomas McGuane lopes into Sacramento this week," Nov. 1, 2010
      • Story, “Loomis’ Jamie Susslin a natural as host of ‘Ultimate Sportsman,’” Oct. 14, 2010
      • Story, "Foresthill warden a natural at enforcing fish and game laws," June17, 2010
      • Story, "Wild pigs rough on land - fun to hunt," April 2010
      • Story, "In the field, humans and dogs enjoy a 20,000-year collaboration," September 2009
      • Story and charts, "Sac Valley is good for the goose and good for the goose hunter," September 2009
      • Chart, "Hunting - a briefing," September 2009
      • Story and photo, "Hunters love doves for their first feast of fall," September 2009
      • Story and photos, "Fish on," August 2009
      • Story, "Let's talk turkey," March 2009
      • Commentary, "To be a hunter and eat what you kill," March 2008
    • San Jose Mercury News
    • Shotgun Life columnist
      • Column, "I’m Not a Gun Nut, So How Did I Get All These Guns?,” Aug. 1, 2011 (link to column)
      • Column, "Could Anything Go More Wrong on a First Dove Hunt?,” Aug. 27, 2011 (link to column)
      • Column, “Why Skeet Bugs Me. Or Not?,” Oct. 1, 2011 (link to column)
      • Column, "The First Shot of Duck Season," Oct. 31, 2011 (link to column)
      • Column, “The (Unwelcome) Return of Duck Hunting Mediocrity,” Nov. 30, 2011 (link to column)
      • Column, "My Kind of Perfect Day with a Shotgun," Dec. 29, 2011 (link to column)
      • Column, "Shotgun Wedding(s)," Feb. 1, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "The Last Shot at Duck Season," March 1, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "Blasphemy: Why I don't love turkey hunting," April 1, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "Five Things You Need to Know When Teaching a Woman How to Shoot a Shotgun," May 1, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "I need to kill something," June 1, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "Fickle confidence and the shooter whose opinion matters most," July 1, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "Rabbit hunting ain't easy. Right?" Aug. 1, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "Prognostications of a Dedicated Slayer of Tasty Little Doves," Sept. 1, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "The wrath of the duck gods, or how to avoid wrecking a hunt," Oct. 1, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "Duck hunting and the perils of getting your hopes up," Nov. 1, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "Hunting the Unexpected," Nov. 30, 2012 (link to column)
      • Column, "The Surprising Places a Boat Will Take You," Jan. 1, 2013 (link to column)
      • Column, "The Hunt for Just One Duck," Feb. 1, 2013 (link to column)
      • Column, "A Different Kind of Hunting Story," March 1, 2013 (link to column)
    • The Truth About Guns
      • Review, photos and video, "Gun Review: Benelli SuperNova," Dec. 4, 2012 (link to review)
    • Turkey Country
      • Story and photo, "Lead Astray: The debate surrounding lead ammunition bans remains vigorous," November/December 2009


Professional associations

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Last updated: 06/06/2013