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Christian Mysticism: East and West

Christian & Islamic Spirituality: Sharing a Journey

Medieval and Renaissance Spirituality

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    Mailing Address: Department of Humanities & Religious Studies
    CSU, Sacramento
    6000 J Street
    Sacramento, CA 95819-6083


    • HRS 004 - Exploring World Religions
    • HRS 152 - Great Mystics of the World
    • HRS 155 - Spirit and Nature
    • HRS 183 - World Religions and Cultures in Cinema
    • HRS 190C - The Many Realities of Consciousness: Intellectual, Spiritual, Aesthetic


    Paintings::Mysterious Agreement






    Click here to view paintings ::


    And the female cardinal showed me her feathers






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    • Christian and Islamic Spirituality: Sharing a Journey
    • Christian Mysticism East and West: What the Masters Teach Us
    • Medieval and Renaissance Spirituality

    Seminars / Conferences / Retreats::

    • Learning Methodologies in the Humanities and Religious Studies
    • Subjectivity and Perception: An Interdisciplinary Syllabus
    • Introduction to World Religions
    • Stages of Spiritual Growth
    • Compassion and Śūnyatā in Buddhist Tradition
    • Chinese Bodhisattvas
    • Introduction to Buddhism
    • Understanding Tibetan Mandalas
    • Women and Healing in Asian Tradition
    • Christian Mysticism East & West
    • Hildegard of Bingen: Integrative Vision & Pedagogy
    • Hildegard of Bingen: Science, Illuminations, Music
    • Leonardo: Mystic, Scientist, Artist of the Natural World
    • French Gothic Cathedrals
    • Christian & Islamic Spirituality
    • Islamic Mysticism: Rabi'a and Rumi
    • The Hindu Upanishads
    • The Jewish Kabbalah
    • Inner and Outer Space: Paintings
    • International Film Series
    • Buddhist Film Series
    • Ecological Films: Spirit in Nature
    • World Religions and Cultures Film Series

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