Kristin Kiesel

Economics Department




Office: Tahoe Hall 3011

Phone: 916-278-7078


Curriculum Vitae

Sac State Food Day: October 20th 2015 2014 Campus Events: Movie Fed Up, Bio for Keynote Speaker: Bryant Terry



Economics 200B (spring 2015) Syllabus, SacCT

Economics 140 (spring 2015) Syllabus, SacCT

EEP 142 (spring 2015) Syllabus, bCourses(UC Berkeley)

Economics 120 (fall 2014) Syllabus, SacCT

Economics 263 (fall 2013) Syllabus, SacCT

Economics 100B (spring 2012) Syllabus, MyEconLab

Economics 1B (fall 2011) Syllabus (07), Syllabus (08), Aplia


Research interests:

Food Policy Analysis, Applied Econometrics, Microeconomics, Psychology and Economics, Industrial Organization


Recent publications:

Gail Woodward-Lopez, MPH, RD; Janice Kao, MPH, RD; Kristin Kiesel, PhD; Markell Lewis Miller, MPH; Maria Boyle, MS, RD; Soledad Drago-Ferguson, MPH; Ellen Braff-Guajardo, JD; Patricia Crawford, DrPH, RD 2014. Is Scratch Cooking a Cost Effective Way to Prepare Healthy School Meals with US Department of Agriculture Foods? Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 114(9): 1349-1358. 

Kristin Kiesel, Sofia B. Villas-Boas 2013. Can Information Costs Affect Consumer Choice? Nutritional Labels in a Supermarket Experiment. International Journal of Industrial Organization 31(2): 153-163. pdf-file

Rui Huang and Kristin Kiesel 2012. Does limited access at school result in compensation at home? The effect of soft drink bans in schools on purchase patterns outside of schools. European Review of Agricultural Economics. 39 (5): 797-820. pdf-file

Kristin Kiesel 2012."A Definition at Last, but What Does it All Mean?" Newspaper Coverage of the USDA Organic Seal and its Effects on Food Purchases. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 37(1): 34–57. pdf-file

Kristin Kiesel, Jill J. MCCluskey, and Sofia B. Villas Boas 2011. Nutritional Labeling and Consumer Choices. Annual Review of Resource Economics 3 : 141-158. pdf-file

Kristin Kiesel, Sofia B. Villas-Boas 2007.USDA organic--What is it worth to the Consumer? ARE Update 11,2:5-8.pdf-file

Kristin Kiesel, Sofia B. Villas-Boas 2007. Got Organic Milk? Consumer Valuations of Milk Labels after the Implementation of the USDA Organic Seal. Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization 5:1-38. pdf-file

Kristin Kiesel, David Buschena, Vincent Smith 2005. Do Voluntary Biotechnology Labels Matter to the Consumer? Evidence from the Fluid Milk Market. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 87, 2: 378-392. pdf-file

Kristin Kiesel, David Buschena, Vincent Smith 2004. Consumer Acceptance and Labeling of GMOs in Food Products: a Study of Fluid Milk Demand. In R.D. Evenson and Vittorio Santaniello (Eds.): Consumer Acceptance of Biotechnology foods, CABI Publishing.

Work in progress:

Kristin Kiesel, Liliya Smialkova, Michael Anderson, Sofia Villas-Boas. Taste and Food Education in Belarusian Secondary Schools.

Kristin Kiesel. California’s leading role in state-mandated soda bans—Adherence at high schools and possible compensation outside of schools.



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