Geology 105 - Paleontology
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Reading Guide: Chapter 13

Know these terms:










 nacreous layer










Be able to answer these questions:

1. Fill out a Critter Chart for gastropods, bivalves, nautiloids/ammonoids, and belemnoids.

2. The classification of gastripods is in transition - do not worry about figuring out the groups in the book other than that we are interested in the Prosobranchs.

3. How does the soft part morphology of gastropods differ from capehalopods? from bivalves?

4. When you steam clams, they gape open. Why? What has this got to do with paleontology?

5. How can you infer from the shell of a bivalve what its probable life habit is?

6. How do cephalopods move?

7. Why have ammonoids received so much attention from paleontologists?

8. How does Nautilus adjust its buoyancy? (we'll do this in class)

9. How did early cephalopods keep their shells horizontal? (we'll do this in class)

10. How is the evolutionary history of the ammonoids different than any of the other shelled cephalopods? (we'll do this is class)