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My Flood Risk

You will evaluate the flood risk at two places: your hometown and your address in Sacramento. If you are living at home, you can choose anywhere you like for your second address - your significant other, a relative, a former address.


For each address you are assessing:

1. Start at the National Flood Insurance Program. Enter your address for an assessment of your risk.


Go to the FEMA flood map site.

Evaluate the risk at that address. Is it in a flood zone? What kind?

If that address is not in a flood zone, where is the nearest flood zone?


2. Is the address near a dam? If so, it may be at risk of inundation from a dam failure. Here is a list of some Web sites showing inundation maps. If your address is in one of these areas, find the appropriate map and evaluate the hazard from dam failure. If your area is not listed, try Googling the name of the town and "dam inundation" to see if there's a map online.

Bay Area inundation maps Yolo County Kern Co.
Northern San Joaquin Valley San Joaquin Co. Monterey Co.
No. Sacramento Valley