Honors 101 - Science and the Public Good
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Katrina v. Gustav

Within three years, Louisiana was hit by two major hurricanes, with two very different results. Your job is to help explain the reasons why.

We watched the video about Hurricane Katrina in class. Look for information on the Web to help answer the questions below. I have given you a few resources to get you going; you may use other Web sites you find, but be sure they are credible - from a recognized news source, government agency or respected non-governmental organization (NGO).


News Govt. Agencies NGOs
CNN NOAA Red Cross
NO Times-Picayune FEMA Humane Society
Google News State of Louisiana  



1. Were there differences in the storms themselves? How do you explain these differences?



2. Were there differences in the technology or structures used to help protect people or predict the storm? Find at least two examples.



3. Were there differences in the social policies used to protect people between 2005 and 2008? Find at least two examples.



4. Were there differences in the attitudes of the people themselves? Find at least one quote that illustrates a change.