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Agar-Gunhan, E., P. Choudary, T.E. Landerholm and L.M. Chalupa; Depletion of cholinergic amacrine cells by a novel immunotoxin does not perturb the formation of segregated On and Off cone bipolar cell projections; J. Neuroscience, 22(6):2265-2273, 2002.

Lu, J., T.E. Landerholm, J. Wei, X.-R. Dong, X. Lu, M. Inagaki, K. Nagata, and M.W. Majesky; Coronary smooth muscle differentiation from proepicardial cells requires Rho A-mediated actin reorganization and p160RhoKinase activity; Developmental Biology, 240(2):404-418, 2001.

Majesky, M.W., T.E. Landerholm and J. Lu; Developmental origins of vascular smooth muscle diversity; J. Vasc. Surg., 29(6): 10-12, 1999

Landerholm, T.E., X-R Dong, J. Lu, N.S. Belaguli, R.J. Schwartz and M.W. Majesky; A role for serum response factor in coronary smooth muscle differentiation from proepicardial cells; Development, 126(10): 2053-2062, 1999.

Menon, V.K. and T.E. Landerholm; Intralesion injection of basic fibroblast growth factor alters glial reactivity to neural trauma; Experimental Neurology, 129:1-6, 1994.

Landerholm, T.E. and J.S. Stern; Use of epinephrine-stimulated lipolysis as a predictor of obesity in high-fat fed female rats; Am. J. Physiol., 263(RICP): R1248-R1253, 1992.

Brilla, L.R. and T.E. Landerholm; Effect of fish oil supplementation and exercise on serum lipids and aerobic fitness; J. Sports Med. Phys. Fitness, 30(N2):173-180, 1990.


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