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Java Calculators

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1.      Basic Calculator  calculator.htm

2.      Another Calculator  calculator2.htm

3.      Just enter the birthday you wish to track and JavaScript will display the person's age, down to the second. Displays your age along with the day you were born.  age.htm

4.      This useful JavaScript calculator will tell you the degrees, Nautical Miles, Statute Miles, and Kilometers between your originating and destination airports. It's got a built-in database of over 150 of the most traveled airports! airport.htm

5.      Calculates an individual's blood alcohol content based on the quantity of beverages consumed, the alcohol percentage in each drink, the person's weight, and the time spent consuming the drink. alcohol.htm

6.      Converts input between binary, ternary, quintal, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal bases. Try entering a string of zeroes and ones in the binary field - when you click off, the script displays that number of the other bases. binary.htm

7.      Just enter your height and your weight, and JavaScript can use a formula created by the Panel on Energy, Obesity, and Body Weight Standards to figure out your Body Mass Index. This index classifies you into one of several categories, from underweight to desirable to obese. Male Only.  body.htm

8.      JavaScript can help you figure how many calories you have burned during a running. calorie.htm

9.      This script calculates the nutritional value of your salad.  nutrition.htm

10.  Use JavaScript to calculate compound interest. compound.htm

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11.  Enter two dates (including the time!) and this script will display the number of weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds between the two. The seconds field is optional, too. For an example, try entering your birthdate and compare it to today's date. Make sure you click on the “Cancel” when asked for the military time.  date.htm

12.  Calculate what day of the week a given date was. It works for leap years and also tells you whether the date is in the past future or today. day.htm

13.  Calculate the time, distance, or speed given any two of the pieces of information. distance.htm

14.  Use JavaScript to estimate the driving distance between U.S. cities. cities.htm

15.  Enter your vehicle's quarter mile time (assuming you know it) and vehicle weight and this JavaScript program will display your car's estimated horsepower. horsepower.htm

16.  Estimates your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly income. Very useful when job hunting when offered an income per hour, month, or year. The tax bracket numbers are adjustable with each year's income tax levels. income.htm

17.  Use JavaScript to find out just how much that new house or car is going to cost you each month. Enter values into the fields below to find out how much each monthly payment would be with the given number of payments, interest rate, and loan amount. payments.htm

18.  Calculates a man's ideal body measurements based on his wrist circumference. male.htm

19.  Computes the miles per gallon of your car via the miles traveled and the number of gallons used. Also, if you enter the cost per gallon and how many miles you drive a day, it will estimate your monthly and yearly gas expenses. gallons.htm

20.  Enter the number of bills and coins and this script will calculate the total amount of money you have. All blank entries are ignored. Input field validation is also included -- try entering a non-digit into a field. money.htm

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21.  This calculator can be used by painters to find out how much paint is needed to cover a given area. The calculator also has an advanced feature that will take the total of the width and height of doors and windows and subtract that measurement from the total area. paint.htm

22.  Entering your pay rate and the number of hours you worked and optionally any overtime hours and pay rate, your own tax rate, and other deductions. Find out where your money comes from and where it's going. paycheck.htm

23.  Does it ever bother you how much a long-distance phone call is going to cost, after you hung up? With this script, all you have to do is enter the amount per minute, and any initial amount, then click start when the call begins and see the total charge at any time! phone.htm

24.  Allows runners to calculate their time, distance covered, or pace by entering the other two values. Distance and pace can be converted between various measurements. A great 3-in-1 script for runners! run.htm

25.  Enter how much you can afford to save each month, how long you can save this amount, and the interest rate you can get on your savings and this script will display your total savings. saving.htm

26.  JavaScript helps your to calculate the before and after tax prices for purchases. Very easy to use. Just put into the price, the tax, and hit compute! It's all figured for you! tax.htm

27.  Assists ham radio operators in converting a frequency to its wavelength in feet or inches. Other uses include acoustic measurement and adjustment, microphone placement, room tuning, and speaker positioning. wave.htm

28.  Estimates the current world population based on US census data and the world growth rate. Not exactly precise, but neat anyways. population.htm

29.  This calendar allows you to select a month and year and automatically display the complete calendar for that month.  calendar.htm

30.  Allows for the conversion back and forth from hours, minutes, and seconds to fractional hours. Input validation also ensures the time input does not contain invalid characters.  time.htm

31. Displays trivia facts about any of the 50 states when selected from the pulldown menu. Facts include state capital, date admitted into the union, state flower, and state bird. The script could be modified to display details about products you sell, members in a club, etc. state.htm

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General Mathematics

31.  Calculate the Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Divisor of two numbers using this short script. lcm.htm

32.  Arithmetic skill practice math2.htm

33.  Add fractions and put them in simplest form. fraction.htm

34.  Math Library - is the collection of mathematical routines.  The tool on this page is used to demonstrate how these functions work. math.htm

35.  Use JavaScript to find out if a number entered is odd or even and the factors of that number. factors.htm

36.  Displays the Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers as entered by the user. Warning: This is very processor intensive, do not enter a large number. fibonacci.htm

37.  Don't waste another minute dealing with percent problems. This script will solve both of these for you, just enter the values! percent.htm

38.  Enter two numbers and JavaScript will help you determine the percent of increase. percent2.htm

39.  This script transforms a decimal in a completed reduced fraction, for instance 0.375 = 3/8. fraction2.htm

40.  Find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of a group of two or three numbers. gcf.htm

41.  Ever had to work with another person to complete a task? This calculator will tell you how long it would take two people to complete the task if you know how long it would take each person to complete the task individually. groupwork.htm

42.  Enter a number and JavaScript can instantly tell you if it is a prime number or not. prime.htm

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43.  Enter a coordinate pair for each the starting and ending points according to the Cartesian coordinate system. The script will calculate the straight line distance between the two points. twopoints.htm

44.  Quadratic Formula Calculator quad.htm

45.  Why didn't I have one of these during high school math? Just enter the coefficients for the 'Ax^2 + Bx + C = 0' equation and JavaScript will output the solutions (if they are not imaginary!). quadratic.htm

46.  Solves quadratic equations for inputted coefficients. Answers can be either real or complex. quadratic2.htm

47.  Solve the system of equations.  Just enter the coefficient of X and Y and the answer to each equation, and it solves for both X and Y. Equations must be in mx+b=c format. systemeq.htm

48.  Enter two points and it will give the formula, slope, y-intercept, parallel line formula, and perpendicular line formula graph.htm

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49.  One of geometry's most useful formulas, the Pythagorean Theorem, can be applied to the numbers you enter in JavaScript! Just enter 'A' and 'B' and the script solves for 'C.' pythagorean.htm

50.  A simple calculator to determine the area of a square, triangle, rectangle, circle or sphere. area.htm

51.  Can't remember the formulas for the other two parts of a circle (area, diameter, or circumference) when you only know one? To the rescue is Circle Solver. Enter the circle area, diameter, or circumference and it will solve for the other two! circle.htm

52.  Figure out the number of sides, measure of each exterior angle, and the measure of the interior angle of any polygon. Simply enter one of the three pieces of information! polygon.htm

53.  This script calculates the area of any n-sided regular polygon. you just put in the base and the number of sides. It calculates in radians and degrees.  polygonarea.htm

54.  Calculates area of a circle, rectangle, sphere, and square.  area3.htm

55.  Calculates volume of a cube, cone, cylinder, and rectangular prism. volume.htm

56.  Use JavaScript to find area equivalents. area2.htm

57.  Use JavaScript to find length equivalents.  length.htm

58.  Use JavaScript to find mass equivalents.  mass.htm

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59.  Enter the adjacent and hypotenuse angle values and JavaScript will solve the cosine angle for you. cosine.htm

60.  Convert Degrees to Radians and vice versa.  radians.htm

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61.  Generate normally distributed random numbers by entering a mean value and standard deviation. Uses the normal law of error to determine an event given probability. normal.htm

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62.  Enter any keyboard character and the ASCII Engine outputs the character's equivalent in ASCII Decimal, ASCII Hex, and even binary. ascii.htm

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63.  Calculates atmospheric computations.  atmospher.htm

64.  This script will show you how old you are in Martian years or any other planet in the Solar System. solar.htm

65.  Besides a very organized Periodic Table, this script will tell you lots of information about any periodic element you click on. periodic.htm

66.  Wind Chill is a mysterious and often misunderstood phenomenon. This script describes what the wind chill factor really is and offers a form to calculate the wind chill factor when given the air temperature and wind speed. wind.htm

67.  Calculates acceleration equivalents acceleration.htm

68.  Use JavaScript to find energy equivalents.  energy.htm

69.  Convert between frequency and beats per minute (i.e. 8 octaves lower). Enter a number in either field, then click outside the text box.  frequency.htm

70.  Converts an English word or phrase into its Morse Code combination of dots and dashes. morse.htm

71.  Use JavaScript to find temperature equivalents.  temperature.htm

72.  Use JavaScript to find velocity equivalents.  velocity.htm

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