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As educators, we have spent an enourmous amount of time trying to understand and provide for our students' needs. Part of what makes and outstanding teacher is the self reflecting of our own teaching. Being cognizant that there are many roads to learning. Understanding that students bring different talents and styles of learning to school. Depending on the students' learning style some may do very well in lectures alone, others will need the hands-on experience. Through out this course, you'll will be exposed to different methods of developing and delivering your daily lessons. I'll model for you the behaviors and strategies that I expect you to carry through in your own classroom.

You will be encouraged to participate in every class session by working in groups, collaborating and sharing ideas to prepare and present reading assignements to the rest of your colleagues.

I'll provide you with appropriate feedback on your performance so that you can reflect on what you have learned, what you still need to know, and how to assess yourself and your students. During classroom exercises and discussions, I'll allocate realistic amounts of time to complete the assignments.

Maintaining high expectations is important for everyone specially for teachers. Expecting students to perform well becomes a self ful-filling prophecy, when teachers expect more, then we get more. Therefore, I'll expect nothing less than your one hundred percent. I'll provide you with the opportunity in every class session to show your talents and learn in ways that work best for you.



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updated on July 3, 2002