R. Scott Mackey, M.A.
California State University
, Sacramento
Communication Studies Department

Fall 2007



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CommS 122
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Communication/Journalism 122

Course Overview

Catalog Description: Writing and editing for visual, audio, and interactive media. How to choose appropriate format and delivery mechanisms for news, Web sites, kiosks, and CD/DVD. Topics include accessibility, copyright law and information ethics.


Prerequisite courses or other requirements: This course is primarily a writing course. Students must have completed ENGL 001A and ENGL 020 or achieved a passing score on the WPE.

Number of Units: 3

This is NOT a course in HTML or multimedia production.
Grades on assignments will be adjusted downward for style errors as well as errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and other mechanics.



For more details on this class, see the syllabus.


Why take this course

No matter how advanced technology becomes, the written word remains the primary way we communicate. Students who want to improve their ability to write across different media--text, audio, video, Web, CD-ROM and other multimedia applications--are encouraged to take this course.


Successful Student Characteristics

  • Come to class and do all the work
  • Discipline to complete projects by deadlines instead of waiting until the end of the semester
  • Motivation to read, write, and participate fully in class activities
  • When in doubt, read the directions
  • Write well - you don't have to be great, but show that you are paying attention to the principles presented in class



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Updated: July 21, 2007