R. Scott Mackey, M.A.
  Communication Studies Department
  California State University, Sacramento

  Fall 2007



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Published Work

CommS 122

Published Work

Barbary Baseball: The Pacific Coast League of the 1920s (McFarland 1995)

This critically acclaimed history examines the personalities, teams and events of the 1919 -1929 Pacific Coast League, an era in which the league was called baseball's "third major league."

Blood Runs Deep (Brookfield 2001)

"This is a first-rate piece of storytelling, leaving us not only with vivid portraits of a boy, a girl, and an uncle, but with a fascinating slice of American life as well. Blood does run deep - in family and in murder."
-- The Book Reader

High school track star Cal Smith grapples with the death of his mother and the details of her past that ultimately led to her killing. As Cal's search for the truth intensifies, he grows uncertain about who he can trust and who wants to stop his prying-permanently.


The Bugfish Experiment (Brookfield 2003)

"A fast-paced mystery-thriller for teens of all ages."
--A Reader

Junior college quarterback Alex Stillman's life begins to unravel when his best friend is found dead and Alex is accused of the murder. He must race against the clock to save his neck and find the real killer. Along the way Alex encounters a mysterious group of psychopaths, one of whom wants him dead.



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