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2008 -                                                                     College of Information Science and Technology
Adjunct Faculty                                                                     DrexelUniversity

Taught Academic Library Services face-to-face in the Summer Quarter 2010-2011 and online in the Winter Quarter 2010-2011, and Collection Management face-to-face in the Fall Quarter 2010-2011. Taught Information Resources and Services II in the Winter Quarter 2008/2009.  Authorized to teach other graduate courses in the i School at Drexel:  Information Resources and Services I, Professional/Social Aspects of Information Services, Managing Information Organizations, Internet Information Resource Design, and Reference Services.


2001 -                                                                                       Sacramento Public Library
On-Call Librarian                                                                         Branch Libraries

Work at the reference desk for up to thirty hours per week, assisting patrons with requests for information and directions.  Help patrons to use the Internet and word processing and to fix problems related to their computers.  Use circulation system to place holds, update current addresses, and process materials. Have worked at thirteen branches, including Colonial Heights, Martin Luther King, and Fair Oaks.


2001 -                                                                                       Self-employed

Published A Man of Ampurdan: Grandfather's Spanish Civil War Poems in July 2011.  Writing fifth novel.  Published article in Encyclopedia of Library & Information Science on the role of librarians in the 21st century. Published five articles in Public Library Quarterly, two articles in College & Research Libraries, one article in portal: Libraries and the Academy and one article in the Journal of Academic Librarianship, as well as editorials in College & Research Libraries and Journal of Academic Librarianship.



1998 - 2000                                                                  California State University, Sacramento

Had collection development responsibilities in the areas of History, Photography, and Russian and Eastern European languages and literatures. Provided library instruction and buillt web pages in the areas of collection responsibility.  Worked at the general reference desk.   Engaged in creative and scholarly activities.


1987 - 1997                                                                  California State University, Sacramento
Dean & University Librarian                  

Was responsible for the administration and operation of the University Library in support of the programmatic needs of a regional university.  Participated in the development of university-wide policy and represented the interests of the university in system-wide groups and professionally.   Reported to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Established the Friends of the Library, Japanese American Archival Collection, and Cambodians in California Oral History Collection.


1983 - 1987                                                                  California State University, Sacramento
AssociateUniversity Librarian  

Was responsible for the operation, coordination, evaluation, and program development of collections and information and instructional services in eight public service departments.


1981 - 1983                                                                  University of Illinois
Acquisitions Librarian                                                          Chicago

Managed the Acquisitions Department with an annual materials budget of $1,500,000. 



1964 - 1968                                                                  Southland Frozen Foods, Inc.
Product Manager                                                                New York, NY

Participated in production scheduling, inventory control, shipping, warehousing, customer relations, and statistics.



1972 - 1978                                                                  University of California
Doctor of Library Science                                                     Berkeley

1970 - 1972                                                                  Syracuse University
Masters in Library Science

1954-1956, 1960, 1962-64                                              BrownUniversity
Bachelor of Arts


 2008 -                                                                i School, College of Information Science
Adjunct Faculty                                                   and Technology
Drexel University

1982 - 1983                                                         School of Library
Assistant Professor                                             and Information Science
University of Illinois, Urbana

1979 - 1981                                                         School of Library
Lecturer                                                              and Information Studies
University of California, Berkeley

1976 - 1977                                                         School of Library
Lecturer                                                              and Information Studies
University of California, Berkeley


2009 -                                                                 College & Research Libraries

1998 – 1999                                                       Journal of Academic Librarianship
Beyond the Edge
Series Editor

1993 - 1996                                                      Journal of Academic Librarianship

1991 - 1996                                                      Advances in Librarianship
Editorial Board

1988 - 1996                                                      Urban Academic Librarian
Advisory Board

1992 - 1993                                                      Journal of Academic Librarianship
Associate Editor

1984 - 1990                                                      College & Research Libraries

1983 - 1985                                                      Journal of Academic Librarianship
Quality of Work Life
Series Editor

1974 - 1975                                                      Journal of Academic Librarianship
Guide Editor



Evaluator for the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities, Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Member of accrediting teams to the California State Universities at Monterey Bay and San Marcos.

Conducted an organizational assessment of the Library at Wichita State University in March 1990.

Conducted an organizational screening at the California State University, San Jose as a member of Office of Management Studies/Association of Research Libraries project in 1981.

Prepared a report with recommendations for improving the binding function at the Smithsonian Institute Libraries as a member of Office of Management Studies/Association of Research Libraries project in 1981.

Designed and conducted a user survey in cooperation with the Chancellor's Office for Administrative Planning and Coordination, University of California, San Francisco to ascertain the effectiveness of the health sciences library system in 1975.

Conducted research and authored "Report on availability states and use patterns at the University of California, Berkeley: comparison with Sacramento State University" for the University Librarian, University of California, Berkeley in 1973.



A man of Ampurdan: Grandfather's Spanish Civil War Poems.   Poetry and watercolors.  (Published July 2011)

Screw Johnny Chou (In preparation)

Rock-bound: Biography of a water drop (Unpublished)

Sophia’s gift.  A novel.  (Unpublished)

Daniel’s wish: A visit from God.  A novel.  (Unpublished)

Emerson: A family chronicle.  A novel  (Unpublished)

The client-centered academic library: an organizational model.  Contributions in Library and Information Science Series.  Westport: Greenwood Press, 1983.



“The disembodied librarian in the digital age,” in Management basics for information professionals.  Edited by G. Edward Evans et al.  New York: Neal-Schuman, 2000. 

"Achieving high performance in library work," in Critical issues in library personnel management. Allerton Park Institute, no. 29.
Urbana: University of Illinois, 1989.

"Long-linked transitions: from technology to service."  Effective technology, excellent service: putting the pieces together.   Edited by Michael Gorman.   Chicago: American Library Association, 1989.  Proceedings of Second Library and Information Technology Association Conference (Boston 1988).   With Stanley Frost.

"Work enrichment for academic libraries," in Management strategies for libraries.  Edited by Beverly Lynch.  New York: Neal Schuman, 1985.

"A house divided: public service realities in the 1980s."  Academic libraries: myths and realities.  Edited by Suzanne C. Dodson and Gary L. Menges.  Chicago: American Library Association, 1984.  Proceedings of Third Association of College and Research Libraries Conference (Seattle 1984).

"Administration: which way - traditional practice or modern theory?"  in The management process: a selection of readings for librarians.  Edited by Ruth J. Person.  Chicago: American Library Association, 1983.

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Home Page

Created extensive Home Page, including Prime Sites: History – and Photography – (Created April 1999. Revised January 2009 and August 2011).



Cambodians in California: an information needs assessment.  Sacramento: California State University, Sacramento, 1992.  With Kitty Shek.

A guide to the Cambodians in California Oral History Collection.  Sacramento: California State University, Sacramento, 1992.  With Kitty Shek.

Designing a research project, evaluation or test in the field of education: an annotated bibliography.  University of California, Berkeley, General Library, 1981.

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Poetry reading.  Channel 14.  Placerville, California.  February 12, 1999.

Poetry reading and storytelling.  Open Mike. Soda Works Coffee House. Placerville, California. Wednesday evenings, March 1998 - .

“Congratulations.”  Japanese American Archival Collection Gala Celebration.  November 13, 1998.

Poetry reading.  Studio IV XX, Grand Opening.  Placerville, California.  June 6, 1998.

Poetry reading.  Channel 14.  Placerville, California.  May 22, 1998.

Poetry reading.  Poet Coffee Works.  Cameron Park, California. Thursday evenings, January - April 1998.

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"Discussion leader/reactor  for ALA Presidential Program, "Forging coalitions for the public good."  Annual Conference.  Chicago (July 1985).

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"Work enrichment."  Organized and participated in program sponsored by the Librarians Association, University of California, Berkeley (March 1981).

"Grant proposal writing." Organized and participated in workshop sponsored by the Librarians Association, University of California, Berkeley (September 1980).

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"Cambodians in California: a cultural and information needs assessment."  Principal investigator for oral history project.   The $120,000 three-year LSCA-supported grant was funded by the California State Library.

Hornet Foundation, California State University, Sacramento (1984).  To support the preparation, field testing, and evaluation of a basic library instruction workbook.

Research grants for librarians.  University of California, Berkeley (1981).  To assist in the preparation of a manuscript for publication.


  Professional Activities

Referee, College & Research Libraries (2008- )
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Academic Librarianship (1998-99).
Chair, International Relations Committee, Library & Information Technology Association (1992-93).
Chair, Liaison with Japanese Libraries, Ad hoc Committee, American Library Association (1993-94)
Member, Budget and Planning Committee, Association of College & Research Libraries (1990-93).
Member, International Relations Committee, American Library Association (1990-92).
Member, International Relations Task Force, Library & Information Technology Association (1990-92).
Chair, Editorial Board of College & Research Libraries (1984-90).
Member, Editorial Board of College & Research Libraries News (1984-90).
Member, Publications Committee, American Library Association (1984-90.
Chair, Committee on Research, American Library Association (1986-88).
Member, Committee on Research, American Library Association (1985-86).
Member, Planning & Budget Assembly, American Library Association (1986-88).
Member, American Library Association (1971-97).
Member, Association of College and Research Libraries (1971-97).
Member, Library Administration and Management Association (1986-1990).
Member, Library Information and Technology Association (1989-93).


Committee Work, CaliforniaStateUniversity, Sacramento (CSUS)

Member, CSUS Electronic Information Resources Group, 1998-2000.
Member, CSUS Search Committee for the Head of the Special Collections & University Archives.
Member, CSUS Academic Policies Committee, Faculty Senate, 1998-2001.
Member, CSUS General Education Review Team, Faculty Senate, 1999-2000.
Member, CSUS Program Review Team, Department of Art, 1998-1999.
Member, CSUS Council of Library Directors (1987-97).
Member, CSU Commission on Learning Resources and Information Technology (1995-97).
Co-Chair, University of California/California State University Task Group on Institutional Cooperative Objectives (1996-97).
Past chair, CSU Council of Library Directors (1996-97).
Chair, CSU Council of Library Directors (1995-96)
Vice Chair, CSU Council of Library Directors (1994-95).
Member of several California State Library planning groups on multitype library networking as representative of CSU Council of Library Directors (1993-97).
Member, CSUS Academic Deans Council (1987-97).
Member, CSUS Administrative Council (1987-97).
Member, CSUS Academic Senate (1987-97).
Member, CSUS Academic Telecommunications Advisory Committee (1989-97).
Member, CSUS Lottery Fund Committee (1993-95).
Chair, CSUS United Way (1990-91).


Committee Work, University Library, California State University, Sacramento (CSUS)

President, Friends of the Library (2010- )
Chair, Administrative Council (1987-97).
Chair, Executive Committee (1987-97).
Chair, Library III Building Committee (1990-94).
Chair, Library II Implementation Group (1988-90).
Chair, Library II Building Committee (1987-90).
Member, Executive Board, Friends of the Library, (1992-97).
Member, Japanese American Collections Committee (1992-97).

Committee work at previous institutions is not listed.



Fulbright Specialist Candidate 2009-2014

Listed in Who's Who in the West (1996).

Invited participant to 5th Japan - United States Conference on Libraries and Information Science in Higher Education. Tokyo (October 1992).  The theme of the conference was "Japan - U.S. collaboration in enhancing international access to scholarly information: looking toward the 21st century."

Editor of College & Research Libraries (1984-90).

Academic Library Consultant for the Office of Management Studies, Association of Research Libraries (1981-1985).

Librarianship Doctoral Fellowship.  University of California, Berkeley (1972-75).

Student to Dallas.  American Library Association Goal Award (1971).

Graduate Assistant.  Syracuse University (1970-72).

University Scholarship.  Brown University.



Staff Sergeant                                                                    United States Army
1957-59, 1961-62

Russian language team chief for communications unit stationed in West Germany.



Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Married with two adult children.  Enjoy camping, hiking, travel, swimming, tennis, bridge, and creative activities such as photography (exhibited in Sacramento in 1996 and in 1999), poetry, watercolor, and collage (exhibited in Boulder in 1970).  Exhibited watercolors at CSUS (Spring 2005) with twelve renderings of John James Audubon’s Birds of America.   Exhibited watercolors at Arden-Dimick Public Library May – July 2006.



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