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ENVS 010-09, CSUS, Spring 2007 :: calendar

This calendar is not set in stone.  It is a general guideline for you to budget your time.
You may also want to look at the CSUS academic calendar.
Date and Week Subject Assignments Due Pages to be read
Sound science 
1/29  1M     Introduction - Scientific Method and the role of science 1-20
2/05 2M Library research on scientific literature Hand-out
2/12  4M What they are        24-80
  How they change; Mechanisms of Species Adaptation   84-100
2/19  5M Ecosystem Responses to Disturbance  Assignment 1. Due 101-114
  Mechanisms of Population Equilibrium   101-114
The Human population
2/26  6M Dimensions   122-143
  Population and development   150-172
Renewable resources
3/05  7M Water: Hydrologic cycle and human use  176-202
  Soil: Foundation for land ecosystems   206-228
3/12  8M Wild species and biodiversity              260-284
  Ecosystem Capital: Use and restoration    

Midterm overview             

3/19  9M Midterm
3/26- 4/01 Spring Break    
4/02 10M Energy from fossil fuels

Assignment 2. due

  Nuclear power and renewable energy   349-403
Pollution and prevention
4/09   11M Environmental hazards and human health  


  Pollution, prevention, disposal, and recovery   466-537
4/16   12M The atmosphere: Climate, climate change, and ozone depletion   539-571
  Atmospheric pollution  




Economics, public policy and a sustainable future
4/23  13M Economics and public policy   607-633
  The Endangered Species Act & single species conservation   Hand-out
4/30   14M Ecosystem Management   Hand-out
  Biodiversity and invasive species

Assignment 3. due


5/07  15M Habitat restoration  


  Sustainable communities and lifestyles          


5/14  16W Conclusions/Review

Extra Credit due

5/19 - 5/25

Finals Week

Final Tentatively: 05-21-2007  5:30 - 6:30 PM
last updated: 04/07/2007
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