"E Pluribus Unum"

An introduction to Ellis Island

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Imagine coming to a new land, you do not speak the language and you have traveled for many months to get there. When you arrive you must go through inspections and questioning. 

  • What if you had to wait in a small room for three weeks or longer?
  • What if only some of your family could stay in the new country? 
  • What if you were sent back to your home country? 

This is what happened to many immigrants at Ellis Island. 

Ellis Island in 1935


Before participating in an in class role play of the immigration process at Ellis Island you will use the internet to research Ellis Island immigration. 
After reading information, looking at pictures, and listening to interviews your own thoughts and feelings will be written in you Ellis Island journal. We will then have a class discussion on what we found leading to a role play of immigration at Ellis Island.


Step 1:

Read the following information and then click the picture of Ellis Island below to take the tour.

1. Look for this box 

Click on Audio to listen to people who were at Ellis Island.
Click on Video to watch a short video on Ellis Island.
Click on Photo to see photos of Ellis Island

2. Use the map to see the location of each stop on the tour.

3. Click Continue Tour at the top of each picture and visit all 8 stops.

4. Write in your journal any thoughts or feelings you have during the tour. Also write down any new information you learn about Ellis Island.

Take the Ellis Island Tour

Step 2:

Bring journal to class discussion on Ellis Island. 
Be prepared to share information you have gathered in your journal with the class. 

Step 3:

Use the information you have on Ellis Island to prepare for and act out your role in our Immigration Role Play.


Scholastic tour of Ellis Island

More information and pictures of Ellis Island


You will be evaluated on 

Journal Entries - must be focused and on topic. Should include your own thoughts and feelings on your research.

On Task - You will be on task during both computer work and class discussion.

Class Discussion Participation - during class discussion you will need to participate at least once and add your thought and feelings to discussion.


You should now have an idea of what it was like at Ellis Island and the immigration process there. Now it is your turn to participate in the immigration process. Begin preparing for our role play and use the information you have gathered to develop your character.




Introduction - Task - Process - Resources - Evaluation - Conclusion  - Pictures