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2004Nov23: A Man Among Women stories moved to separate page; TotH radioplay status changed to "probably defunct"; Gary Kleppe scripts posted; advisory for readers from fanfiction.net.

2003Oct17: 5-year anniversary status update.

2003Oct01: All of TotH has now been translated into Spanish.

2003Aug22: One more item added to Masked Artist's page, and three more chapters of TotH have been translated into Spanish.

2002Dec23: fan art for Centaur 4 added (thanks, Masked Artist!)

2002Nov08: Compromising Situations added to A Man Among Women section of Other Stories page

2002May28: Fanart added (thanks, Iamasu!)

2002May25: More Masked Artist fanart added.

2002Apr12: Fanart added (thanks, Masked Artist! :)

2002Mar23: Centaur 5: Hello, Nurse! added.

2001Dec21: A Paradise Built for Two and The Tale of the Jinniyah and the King added to Other Stories page.

2001Dec15: Caryatid added to Other Stories page.

2001Nov26: Status report updated... no new stories, alas. Link to Spanish translation added.

2001May07: New fanart (Thanks, Lissel D!) and a long-overdue update to the links page.

2001Jan19: New Doug MacDougall artwork added! Thanks, Doug!

2000Nov17: The Better Part of Valor added to Other Stories page. Status report updated.

2000Jul05: Ranma and the Heart of the Phoenix added to Other Stories page.

2000May17: Status report added. Fanart added -- thanks, Brian!

2000Mar17: TASS award for A Man Among Women added. Thanks, everyone. Wow...

2000Feb13: Centaur 2.5 posted.

2000Feb08: TASS award added. Thanks, everyone who voted for Taming!

2000Jan29: A Man Among Women added to Other Stories page.

2000Jan18: Transitions added to Other Stories page.

2000Jan17: Links and Other Stories split off onto their own pages.

1999Dec13: Centaur 4 posted.

1999Oct05: minor revisions to Centaur 1 and 2 posted, second draft of Centaur 3 posted. Thanks to everyone on the FFML who gave me such great feedback!

1999Sep26: Centaur 3 added.

1999Jul24: Centaur 2 added.

1999Jul23: Centaur 1 added.

1999Jun16: TASS award added. Link to SSOA added.

1999May09: TotH sent to RAAC; HTMLized version posted to webpage.
No significant changes, other than joining 6b to 6 and fixing the chapter numbers.

1999Apr11: Beacon (a Fire Tripper fanfic) added.

1999Mar22: Glossary added.

1999Feb25: Chapter 6.5 added, completing the second draft.

1999Feb23: Second draft! All chapters revised:
minor corrections, Kasumi toned down a little (esp. in Ch. 3), Ranma's libido cranked up a little.
Prologue rewritten, scenes added to Ch. 7 Mating, scene added to Ch. 8 Wedding, scenes added to Ch. 9 Honeymoon.
Chapter 6 part 2 added.

1999Feb15: History moved to separate page.

1999Feb14: Links added.

1999Feb02: Award added. Thanks, Asayogure!

1999Jan25: Epilogue added. Notes, Manga updated.

1998Dec25: Notes updated.

1998Dec17: Chapters 8, 9 added.

1998Dec11: Pages created (Chapters 1-7, Notes, Manga).

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