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The Taming of the Horse

A Ranma 1/2 fanfiction by Vince Seifert (

Ranma 1/2 characters and situations are copyright 1987, 1998 by Takahashi Rumiko. Publishing rights (Japan) by Shogakukan Inc. Publishing rights (North America) by Viz Inc. This work is not intended to infringe those rights.

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Welcome to readers from! The "Vincent-Seifert" who posted The Taming of the Horse to FFN was not me, and didn't ask my permission before doing it. However, I feel that no harm was done by it, and so I won't take action unless some of my stories that are still subject to revision (such as Centaur) start showing up there.

Unfortunately, it appears that the audioplay of The Taming of the Horse by Fanfic Radioplay Productions [poster] isn't going to happen. Fortunately, by the kind permission of Gary Kleppe, you can read his script adaptations here: Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2

The first 6 chapters of The Taming of the Horse are online elsewhere in a Spanish translation:

Domando al caballo Traducido al espaņol por: Guillermo Riquelme Valenzuela

Isaac Sotillos Alonso is carrying on the translations: Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Epilogue

Manga references in The Taming of the Horse and Centaur
Spoiler warning! This link includes summaries of certain key events which take place in manga volumes 18-38, which have not yet been translated by Viz.

Glossary of non-English words used in The Taming of the Horse and Centaur

The Taming of the Horse

Akane finds a book that suggests a way for her to handle her relationship with Ranma.

Chapter 1: Housing
Ranma and Genma move back to the Saotome home to live with Nodoka.

Chapter 2: Diet
Why are Akane, Shampoo, Ukyo, and Kodachi all trying to feed Ranma?

Chapter 3: Exercise
A chance encounter changes Akane's attitude.

Chapter 4: Training
Akane finally admits her martial-arts skills need improvement-- but who will her sensei be?

Chapter 5: Breaking
Akane and Ranma have an eventful evening.

Chapter 6: Herding
Ranma and Akane leave Furinkan for another school.
 Akane in her new uniform (48K) by Lissel D

Chapter 7: Competition
Ranma goes on a date with Kodachi; Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Chapter 8: Mating
Four confrontations-- or is it five? No, it's not a lemon!

Chapter 9: Wedding
About what you'd expect, give or take a few conversations.

Chapter 10: Honeymoon
"'It's not exactly what I imagined for our honeymoon,' Akane said softly."
Lime. Oh, definitely a lime!
 Illustration (280K) by Brian E. Connolly

Four months later, Ranma and Akane are about to start holding classes.


Centaur is a sequel to The Taming of the Horse, beginning immediately after the end of Chapter 10 and before the epilogue.

Chapter 1: The Lion and the Jackals revised 1999Oct05
Ranma and Akane are married. Their life is still as weird as ever, but Ranma has a plan to cope with that.

Chapter 2: Disciplinary Actions revised 1999Oct05
Akane and Ranma clash with Kodachi, each in their own distinctive way.

Chapter 2.5: The Pineapples of Defeat 2000Feb13
A gymnastics match at Furinkan. What could go wrong?

Chapter 3: Beauty and the Beast revised 1999Oct05
Kasumi has to deal with an intruder... say, what's an "omiai"?

Chapter 4: The Thrill of Victory 1999Dec13
Kuno's disruption of their second wedding results in more conflicts.
 How to make an origami stormcloud by Peter Budai
 Illustration (31K) by The Masked Artist

Chapter 5: Hello, Nurse! 2002Mar23
Kasumi's love life becomes more complicated.
 Ranma disguised as a nurse (29K) by Iamasu

In the wake of Centaur 5, someone who prefers to remain unnamed sent me some cute fanart: Takahashi characters as they might be drawn by another great mangaka. :) Check 'em out here.

Chapter 6: The Feminine Mistake in progress

Status report as of 2004Nov23

I'm still writing, really! ^_^;

Notes and Acknowledgements

6th place - Miniseries - 1999 Annual

3rd place - Miniseries - 1999 May

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