The Taming of the Horse/Centaur ~ Other Stories ~

Some of my favorite fanfics:

KaraOhki's Pagoda (June Geraci)

Transpacific Fanfiction! (Alan Harnum, Mike Loader, Susan Doenime, and collaborators)

Richard Lawson's Fanfics

Lord Archive's Fan Fiction Page

Joseph Palmer

David Eddy

Gary Kleppe's Comics and Manga Page

Ranma 1/2 - The Shadow Chronicles (Mark MacKinnon)

HKMiller's Fan Fiction

(Bridget & Jamie Wilde)

Nightelf's Elysium (Nicholas Leifker)

There's no hot water? Imagine that... (Dave Roeder)

Furinkan.Net (Chris Jones)

A Kagami Archive (Phil)

Krista's Hall of Anime (Krista Perry) (Douglas MacDougall)

Foul Rag-and-Bone Shop of the Heart (Eric Hallstrom)

Allyn Yonge

Reid Carson: The Man, The Legend

Mike Noakes

(Stefan Gagne)

Angus MacSpon's Fan Fiction (what, isn't "Angus MacSpon" his real name? :)

Ukyou Kuonji, Author

Ranma fanfiction by Stiffanie! (Stiffanie Flores)

Fanfictional Resources:


Doug's Ranma Resources for Fanfic Writers

FFML Directory

Links to places that link to here:

Anime Web Turnpike Ranma Links

Dkun's Trip to Jusenkyou

Koneko's Fanfiction Library

Romancing the Tendos (John Morales)

Lord Overon's Anime Page

otaku kaku | stories Erin Ellis' elegant fanfic archive

Kaiki's Anime Fanfics Archive Kaiki's looking for fanfics to archive!

Rochakun's Fanfiction Homepage

Anime Fanfiction On the Net

FemBoy's Pages

Frank Wustner's Lair

icezer230's Animanga Page

Oingo: "Ranma Fan Fiction"

Ranma & Akane Together 4-ever FanFiction Guide

Odd and interesting things:

Sekai no Hate Don't fall off... :)

Kouya Hijiri by Izumi Kyoka. NOT a fanfic, but a fascinating novel written in Meiji Japan. I found this while doing a websearch for TotH to see who was linking to it... serendipity in action.

Mattas Home Page Another non-fanfic page, but it links to here; follow the "VQ Field Trips" link to find out what I do when I'm not writing fanfic, and to see a rather different approach to writer's block. :)

The Taming of the Horse/Centaur ~ Other Stories