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A Man Among Women

A Man Among Women is another slice-of-future-life story in which things go wrong for Ranma and Akane... or did they? They went right for everyone else, more or less...

Compromising Situations

Compromising Situations is the first (chronologically) of the backstories leading up to A Man Among Women: Ranma and Akane graduate from high school, and are immediately faced with overwhelming changes.

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in progress

Ranma takes a "training trip" to Kyoto and China, resulting in a new level of intensity from old friends... and old enemies.

Black Rose, White Knight

in progress

Kodachi has consistently failed in her attempts to become Ranma's sweetheart... now that things have changed, does she have a chance to become his mistress?

Thread of Fate

in progress

Finished with college, Akane returns home to her family and is met with new challenges.

Ranma and the Heart of the Phoenix

Ranma and the Heart of the Phoenix expands on events mentioned in A Man Among Women: "I was poking around Phoenix Mountain before I knew who-all lived there, and they caught me, and then they wished they hadn't. Man, that was an adventure and a half."

The Better Part of Valor

The Better Part of Valor isn't necessarily the future of AMAW, it's just a possibility... Ten years after AMAW, Ranma and his children return from China.

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