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RPTA 105: Management in Recreation, Parks & Tourism
Analyzes the functions of managers including planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. Also examines basic principles, techniques and tools associated with these functions. Consideration of internal and external environments which influence the managerial process and the manager's role in various areas of enterprise activity.

This course is offered in the fall only. It is a required course for all RPTA majors. This course is a prerequisite for RPTA 166.

Lake Tahoe::Nevada and California

Recreation, parks and tourism management is sometimes a complex balance of private (commercial) and public agencies. Lake Tahoe represents a location that is equal parts commercial, community and recreation resource (outdoor) recreation. The lake area is divided between municipalities, counties, state and federal lands each of which has different rules for managing recreation. In addition, there are several areas of individual private ownership and corporate private ownership. The competing types of ownership result in competing functions. Commercial agencies provide motivations for tourism and often house hospitality, ski and gaming venues. Public lands appeal to adventure and outdoor recreation enthusiasts that are often trying to separate themselves from crowds of tourists. Private residents seek recreational opportunities on the lake itself, and must compete for access with tourists yet tourism supports the local economy. All of this while in a very environmentally sensitive area. 
Tahoe Environmental Research Center  
Tahoe Research Group

Commercial * Community * Recreation Resource * Therapeutic

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American Therapeutic Recreation Association
Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education
California Park and Recreation Society
California Roundtable on Recreation, Parks and Tourism
National Forest Recreation Association
National Recreation and Park Association
Resort and Commercial Recreation Association
World Tourism Organization
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