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RPTA 154: Design in Rec, Park + Tourism Facilities
Focuses on principles and practices involved in recreation and park facility planning and design, with emphasis on master planning, design standards and criteria, and effective use of natural resources. Design theories and concepts are explored in relation to architecture and urban planning, and the position of recreation facilities within the overall urban plan is emphasized. Examines principles and practices relating to development and implementation of a maintenance and operation plan for recreation, park and tourism facilities.

Jamison Square::Portland, OR

Progressive cities are marketing themselves as places to live/work/play - with more people interested in the "play," and extending that "play" into all aspects of work and living. It gives recreation people a new responsibility - that of urban and community planners. Recreation and Tourism facilities should be integrated seamlessly into the urban fabric, and designed to compliment and enhance the surrounding environment, appealing to residents and visitors. Jamison Square in Portland, combines multiple uses of sunning, water play, socializing, and sand areas to appeal to children and adults. The design of the park keeps these activities separate, but within easy viewing of each other, for child safety. Residential units surrounding the park contain other "third place" facilities such as coffee houses and restaurants. While there is limited parking at the site, and nearby public transportation, the pedestrian is clearly at the center of attention and most of the people arrive at the park on foot or on bike.   

A "New Recreation" for A Total Quality of Life

photo Greg B. C. Shaw

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