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RPTA 182: Travel & Tourism
Examination of the history, significance and nature of travel and tourism in the world with emphasis on the United States. Analyzes economic, cultural and social factors underlying development and growth of travel and tourism and a review of related research. Identification and description of travel and tourism service providers including their organization, financing and management practices. 

This elective is offered in the spring only. It partners well with RPTA 184: Hospitality Administration. 

Quincy Market::Boston, MA

Cities around the United States use different methods of marketing themselves as tourist attractions. Boston uses its history. Faneuil Hall Marketplace is one of tourism, retail and urban design’s most successful projects, although the end-effects of tourism are not always desirable. The original Quincy Market had fallen into disrepair and under-use. James Rouse, urban alchemist, created a new wave of urban tourism for the United States with this project by combining Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall into the world’s first “festival marketplace.” Local vendors added atmosphere and were supported by a limited number of national chain. A victim of its own success, the local vendors have all but been replaced by standard mall eateries, turning Quincy Market into something not much more than a mall food court in a very old building. Still, its influence with planners and popularity with tourists cannot be denied.

Widen Your World - If You Had Wings

photo © Greg B. C. Shaw

Toji Temple

Grand Canyon

Guggenheim Bilbao
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