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Internship: Recreation and Park Management

Supervised, full-time internship in a recreation, park or leisure service agency, organization or business. Supervision is provided by faculty and also by personnel at the host site. Note: Refer to the RPTA Internship Manual for procedures and requirements. Prerequisites: RPTA 1, RPTA 30, RPTA 32, RPTA 42, RPTA 101, RPTA 105, RPTA 106, RPTA 109, RPTA 110, RPTA 136 and approval of academic advisor and internship coordinator. Units: 10.0-15.0.

All students in the Recreation Administration major must complete an internship. For Recreation and Park Management Concentration Students (Commercial, Community and Recreation Resource), this usually this is done over the summer for the full 10 units (195E). Students should be advised that 195 is a course that cannot be registered for through CMS (MySacState). All paperwork must be completed and signed by their advisor and the department chair, and then the student will be enrolled in the class. Also...
  • Students are responsible for finding their own internship locations.
  • On the department's forms page, students should download and read the Internship Manual which has all of the necessary paperwork. 
  • Your internship advisor will most likely not be the same person as your academic advisor (due to faculty workloads). Your internship advisor may also change during the internship, but the 195 syllabus and required assignments are standard for all students. 
  • The internship is 10 units (400 hours). At 40 hours a week, that's 10 weeks.
  • Students must have all of their core courses completed before signing up for their internship. 
  • Students must also have 600 hours of documented pre-internship completed before their internship. (See the Internship Manual.)
  • Therapeutic Recreation Concentration students should speak with Dr. Jennifer Piatt regarding their internship requirements for 195D. 
  • RPTA Minors are not required to complete an internship. 

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