Reading and Writing Japanese on your Computer::

Displaying Japanese Characters in your Browser

These Genki Resource pages were written using the Unicode (UTF-8) format for character encoding. In order for you to properly view these pages, you may need to modify a browser setting. Look for the browser setting called "Character Set" or "Character Coding". This needs to be set to Universal Alphabet (UTF-8) or Unicode (UTF-8).

Typing Japanese on your Computer

In order to type Japanese on your computer, you will need an input system.

For Windows 98:

See Microsoft's IME page:

For Windows 2000 or XP:

University of Redlands has detailed information on how to do this.

For Mac OS X:

  1. go to System Preferences
  2. click on the International icon
  3. click on the Input Menu tab
  4. click on theことえり box
  5. you should now be able to switch back and forth between US and Japanese input using the flag icon on the menu bar