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Dr. Michelle Stevens

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Exective Director: Hima Mesopotamia

Riparian Ecology by American River


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Amador Hall 555B

Tu 1:30-3:30pm, Th 1:30-2:30pm




(916) 765-7397


(916) 278-2914



CSUS, Environmental Studies Dept, 555B Amador Hall, 6000 J St; Sacramento, CA 95819

Courses ::

Papers and Publications ::

Fleming, Tova and M.L. Stevens. 2011. Breaking the Silence: Ecocide and Renewal in Iraq’s  Marshlands. Earth First Journal 31(3): 13-17.

Stevens, M.L. and E. Zaloza. Submitted 2010Peer review for chapter and book completed, revisions incorporated and submitted Sept 2012.  Chapter and book completed and submitted to University of Utah press. Fire, Floodplains and Fish: the Historic Ecology of the Lower Cosumnes River Watershed. Edited by Pei Lin Yu, In Rivers, Fish and the People. Tradition, Science and Historical Ecology of River Fisheries in the American West. University of Utah Press.

Stevens, M.L. Sept 2009. Desperate Plight of the Mesopotamian Marshes, southern Iraq. Wetland Science and Practice.

Stevens, M.L . 2004 . Ethnoecology of Selected California Wetland Plants. Fremontia A Journal of the California Native Plant Society, (accepted for Vol 32.2, April 2004).

Stevens, M.L. 2004 . White Root ( Carex barbarae Dewey, Cyperaceae). Fremontia A Journal of the California Native Plant Society (accepted for Vol. 32.2, April 2004)

Stevens, M.L. 2004. Restoration of the Mesopotamian Marshes of Southern Iraq : Synthesis of Current Restoration Activities. Canadian Reclamation Summer/ Fall 2004: 7-11. Canadian Land Reclamation Association and Lester Communications .

Stevens, M.L . 2003 . The Contribution of Traditional Resource Management (TRM) of White Root ( Carex barbarae Dewey, Cyperaceae) by California Indians to Riparian Ecosystem Structure and Function. In Faber, P.M. (ed.). California Riparian Systems: Processes and Floodplain Management, Ecology, and Restoration. 2001 Riparian Habitat and Floodplains Conference Proceedings, Riparian Habitat Joint Venture, Sacramento , California .pp 502-511.

Stevens, M.L . The Ethnobotany and Restoration of White Root ( Carex barbarae ) in California. Journal of Ecological Restoration (submitted).


Stevens, M.L. 2011. Marsh Arabs Integral to Ecological Resiliency and Cultural Identity in Mesopotamian Marshes, Southern Iraq. In Egan, D, E. Hjerpe, and J. Abrams.  Exploring the Human Dimensions of Ecological Restoration.  Island Press.

Stevens, M.L. 2007. Iraq and Iran in Ecological Perspective: The Mesopotamian Marshes and the Hawizeh-Azim Peace Park. In Ali, Saleem (Ed.). Peace Parks. Conservation and Conflict Resolution. MIT Press. pp. 313-331. 

Stevens, M.L. 2006. Healing the People and the Land in Southern Iraq. In Iparraquirre, A. and J.M. Rondon (Eds.). The NGO Revolution. Healing a Hurting World. Paragon House, St. Paul, Minnesota. pp. 149-164.

Stevens, M. L. and A. Ryan. 1997. Healing the Land, Healing the People: Ethnobotany of the Putah-Cache Creeks Bioregion. Public Service Research Program, U.C. Davis.

Vanbianchi, R., M.L. Stevens, T. Sullivan and S. Hashisaki. 1994. A Citizen's Guide to Wetland Restoration. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Seattle, WA. Region 10. 71 pp.

Stevens, M.L. and R. Vanbianchi. 1993 . Restoring Wetlands in Washington. A Guidebook for Wetland Restoration, Planning and Implementation. Washington State Department of Ecology, Olympia, WA. Publication #93-17.

Bursik, R. and M.L. Stevens. 1990. Hydric Soils of Washington. Washington Department of Ecology, Olympia, Washington.


Research Projects/Interests ::

California Wetland Rapid Assessment Methodology Level 2

Global Hima Framework for WANA Geographic Area

Eco-Cultural Restoration of the Mesopotamian Marshes of southern Iraq www.iraqfoundation.org

Historic Ecology of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Wetlands and Riparian Ecology and Restoration

Conservation Biology, Specializing in Native Flora

Ethnoecology: Traditional Resource Management and Traditional Ecologicla Knowledge

International Conservation

Establishment of Peace Parks & Trans-boundary Conservation Areas

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Professional Associations ::

  • Ecological Society of America,
  • Society of Ecological Restoration,
  • Society of Wetland Scientists,
  • Society of Ethnobiology,
  • California Native Plant Society,
  • National Wildlife Federation,
  • California Basketweavers Association



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