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 음악및 영화

is, io, live.xyz ON Demand Korea KTownStory Torrent Haja YIFY
DramaCool DramaCool 2 IssueTalk Todawa WatchCartoon

"Other" useful Web sites
ChatGPT Amazon Pronunciation CMC
ZeroGPT eBay Kelly's Blue Book CMC Box
UCD 한인 대학원회   Annual Credit Report CMC-N Box
현대해운 드림백 대중 교통 앱 Student Air Fare ePly
SJUSD Parent Portal Fun Arcade convert to MP3 Quickbook
Miniclips Stripe Square MemberClicks Admin

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교통방송 불교방송 평화방송 기독교방송
중앙일보 조선일보 한국일보 일간스포츠

"Educational" Web sites

 TaskStream CSUS edTPA Resources Teaching Works Oracle ERP (timesheet) MSRI
edTPA AACTE   Deborah Ball ADP (paystub) Government Grants
edTPA Reports Pan's HLPs

T&L Exploratory

ePEN 2.3.1 Montgomery bus
CA edTPA support Sue's HLPs High Leverage Practice Pearson MyCloud Anti Racist
Sign PDF 1 Sign PDF 2      

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CSUS/COE Web sites

SharePoint Zoom CoE Calendar CUAG-back CSU North MTEP
MS program SS program Condo Prob. CUAG-17 Qualtrics
TCRED Coordinators MS Master list 23-24   CSU EdQ Prof. Lim
TCRED meetings SpeEd SS MS Collaboration Teacher Residency Chris's stat  


Study Abroad TD Learning Center Scholaro JCB Admin Passport Expediting Services
CSU IP TD Resource Center Gilman Portal SEVIS Courier and Expeditor Companies
ISSS TD Support      
Travel Registry TD Status Meeting Notes    
TD Implement/Plan TD AdminConsole TD Knowledgebase   IPGE goal for 23-24

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