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Mission & Imperatives

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Dedicated Community Involvement


  1. Align, update, and institutionalize policies and practices to improve reach, effectiveness, and sustainability of Anchor initiatives.
  2. Provide an educational and work environment that develops students and employees who can engage effectively in local and global communities.
  3. Cultivate and expand purposeful, long-term, and mutually beneficial community partnerships that support the Anchor mission and our philanthropic efforts.
  4. Educate and raise awareness of Sacramento State as an anchor institution in the Region, building community pride in the university.

Anchor University and Community Impact

The University takes pride in its role in the Sacramento Region as the Capital's University, as Sacramento's University. As an Anchor University, Sacramento State will align its resources and efforts to cultivate purposeful, long-term, mutually beneficial community partnerships that confront systemic inequities, transform the lives of our students, and strengthen local communities. These efforts will allow for greater academic, personal, and professional opportunities for students, and give faculty enhanced community-based research opportunities, while also allowing the wider community to benefit from the intellectual and service capabilities of the entire Sacramento State community.

The 2019 Anchor University Task Force report, existing Anchor University Advisory Council, and a wide variety of current and prior efforts across Sacramento State, have laid a foundation for the University to continue to positively impact the Sacramento Region. The University will bring its resources to bear to help address issues related to education, health care, homelessness, arts and culture, the environment, and inclusive economic opportunity and workforce development in true partnership with community and civic organizations.