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Mission & Imperatives

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Justice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging


  1. Empower and hold leadership accountable for efforts to create and maintain a just environment.
  2. Provide and institutionalize resources for students, faculty, staff, and communities who have been targeted for oppression.
  3. Build capacity for students and employees to prioritize and receive resources and recognition for DEI work.
  4. Support, advocate for, and act with members of our community when they are exposed to injustices.
  5. Implement policies that promote equity in compensation, recognition, and authority and that ensure fair hiring, recognition, and promotion processes for employees.
  6. Foster a community of belonging for the campus community.

Embrace Justice, Diversity, Equity, Belonging & Inclusion

We aspire to be an inclusive and just community where each member feels a sense of belonging and a responsibility to foster that belonging. Applying an Antiracist and Inclusive framework, in conjunction with other initiatives such as the Anchor University, is one tool that will bring Sacramento State closer to building a just, diverse, equitable, and inclusive community where everyone belongs. We must interrogate our practices (both current and past) to hold ourselves accountable. This work does not reside in a single office but is a collective responsibility for the whole of the campus community. An embracement of our diversity will increase the vitality of the campus and help the University foster and strengthen our commitment to justice, equity, and inclusion for Sacramento State and the Sacramento Region.