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Mission & Imperatives

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Learning & Student Success


  1. Cultivate an educational environment that promotes holistic growth and academic achievement.
  2. Enhance knowledge and practices to make the University more student ready.
  3. Enhance opportunities for student career development and lifelong learning.
  4. Improve academic degree completion rates.
  5. Remove administrative barriers that impede student success.
  6. Close opportunity gaps for all students.

Elevate Student Learning & Success

Learning and student success are at the core of Sacramento State’s unrelenting commitment to the academic, social, emotional, and ethical development of our students. Sacramento State intentionally shapes effective learning and academic support environments, both inside and outside of the classroom, for the purpose of progressing student persistence, academic achievement, educational attainment, and student advancement toward career and life goals.

As a result of these combined efforts, Sacramento State students have realized exceptional graduation rate increases and correspondingly higher indices of student social mobility. In addition, Sacramento State has significantly reduced the equity gap in graduating traditionally underserved students. As an affordable four-year public university, Sacramento State, the Capital’s University, is uniquely positioned to educate and empower a diverse cohort of students to engage in leadership and service within the community.

Sacramento State provides personally transformative experiences within a large, diversified university in which each student is welcomed and recognized for their uniqueness. Distinguished faculty and professional staff strive to eliminate administrative barriers and curricular obstacles so that every student can equitably access learning pathways leading to the attainment of personal and professional goals while serving our larger community. Together educators, advisors, and service providers collaborate to promote each student’s development of self-efficacy, social responsibility, and cultural awareness.

Sacramento State is dedicated to being a student-centered learning community, and we are guided by this focus in day-today decision-making. It is a destination campus and residential learning community where direct faculty and advisor in person interactions with students are paramount. As a result of the pandemic, the University has shifted from serving as an institution of place to one that includes quality remote/ and online learning. Academic and support services have also expanded their virtual outreach in consideration of students’ overall well-being. Offering a variety of learning and support modalities for the education of a diverse body of students is consistent with the historical mission of the University. In these times, especially, Sacramento State is reimaging itself as a place and resource for students to heal, learn, and succeed.