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Sacramento State Black Honors College

Meet Us


Dr. Boatamo Ati Mosupyoe

Dean of Students and Chief Academic Officer

Photo of Dr. Boatamo  Ati Mosupyoe

Dr. Ruth Williams

Director of Staff

Photo of Dr. Ruth Williams

Elijah Martin


Photo of Elijah Martin

Jessica Thompson

Academic Advisor

Photo of Jessica Thompson

Martinique M. Baker

Administrative Coordinator

Photo of Martinique M. Baker

Courtney Hughes


Place holder image for faculty/staff member.


Dr. Jasmin Wade

Photo of Dr. Jasmin Wade

Troy Nichols

Photo of Troy Nichols

Dr. Michele Foss-Snowden

Photo of Dr. Michele Foss-Snowden

Dr. James W. Reede

Photo of Dr. James W.  Reede

Dr. Jason Thompson

Photo of  Dr. Jason Thompson

Dr. Raghu Trichur

Photo of Dr. Raghu Trichur

Dr. Jas Pannu

Photo of Dr. Jas Pannu

Dr. Data D. Barata

Photo of Dr. Data D. Barata

Dr. Rebekkah Mulholland

Photo of Dr. Rebekkah Mulholland

Dr. Ayanna Yonemura

Photo of Dr. Ayanna Yonemura

Dr. Mark B. Brown

Photo of Dr. Mark B. Brown

Dr. Christopher Towler

Photo of Dr. Christopher Towler
Total Members: 18