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Division of Student Affairs

Meet Us

Vice President's Office

Ed Mills, Ph.D.

Vice President of Student Affairs

Photo of Ed Mills, Ph.D.
  • Location: LSN 3008
  • Phone: (916) 278-6060

Bill Macriss

AVP of Student Affairs

Photo of Bill Macriss

Noelle McCurley

Senior Student Support Counselor

Photo of Noelle McCurley

Student Engagement & Success | Dean of Students

Bill Hèbert, Jr.

Associate Vice President/Dean of Students, Student Engagement & Success

Photo of Bill Hèbert, Jr.

Tom Carroll

Assistant Dean and Student Conduct Director

Photo of Tom Carroll

Jodi Shultz

Executive Assistant/Admin Analyst

Photo of Jodi Shultz

Enrollment Management and Student Services

Steven Salcido

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Services

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Enzo Vernone

Interim Director of Enrollment Management & Student Systems

Photo of Enzo  Vernone

Kristine Novak

Lead Enrollment Management Systems Analyst

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Kat Hughes

Executive Assistant

Photo of Kat Hughes

Katrina Nucal

Enrollment Management Systems Analyst

Photo of Katrina Nucal

Sandhya Rao

Enrollment Services Business Analyst

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Retention & Academic Success

Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny

Associate Vice President, Student Retention & Academic Success

Photo of Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny

Chao Danny Vang

Director of Educational Equity Access and Equity Strategist

Photo of Chao Danny Vang

Anne Cheng

Business Analyst

Photo of Anne Cheng

Kevin Nguyen

Administrative Coordinator

Photo of Kevin Nguyen

Strategic Business Resources

Karyl Burwell

Executive Director of Student Affairs Strategic Business Resources

Photo of Karyl Burwell

Austin Sihoe

Director of Strategic Initiatives & Veterans Success

Photo of Austin Sihoe

Shannon Ainger

Senior Budget Analyst

Photo of Shannon Ainger

Mia Anghel

Resource Analyst

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Karina Garcia-Solorio

Budget Resource Analyst

Photo of Karina Garcia-Solorio

Reva Wittenberg

Student Affairs Assessment and Workplace Wellness Manager

Photo of Reva Wittenberg

Amy Brown

Resource Analyst

Photo of Amy Brown

Mariam Abbas

Administrative Support Coordinator

Photo of Mariam Abbas

Angela Arnold

Resource Analyst

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Marketing & Communications

Michael Stephenson

Visual and Communications Specialist

Photo of Michael Stephenson

Information Technology

Susana Valdez

Information Technology Director

Photo of Susana Valdez

Martha Reyes

Imaging Coordinator

Photo of Martha Reyes

Ruby Espinoza

ITC Project Lead

Photo of Ruby Espinoza

Michael Collado

Technology Project Coordinator

Photo of Michael Collado

Manuel Pacheco

Web Coordinator

Photo of Manuel Pacheco

Nikolas Soza

IT Specialist

Photo of Nikolas Soza

Ana P. Mosqueda

Document Processing Coordinator

Photo of Ana P. Mosqueda

Hang Luc

Senior Data Control Tech

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Total Members: 34