California State University, Sacramento

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Division of Student Affairs

Meet Us

Vice President's Office

Ed Mills, Ph.D.

Vice President of Student Affairs

Photo of Ed Mills, Ph.D.
  • Location: LSN 3008
  • Phone: (916) 278-6060

Lorie Rowe

Confidential Assistant Support

Photo of Lorie Rowe

Karyl Burwell

Executive Director of Student Affairs Strategic Business Resources

Photo of Karyl Burwell

Noelle McCurley

Senior Student Support Counselor

Photo of Noelle McCurley

Jodi Shultz

Admin Coordinator

Photo of Jodi Shultz

Student Engagement & Success | Dean of Students

Bill Macriss

Associate Vice President/Dean of Students, Student Engagement

Photo of Bill Macriss

Tom Carroll

Assistant Dean and Student Conduct Director

Photo of Tom Carroll

Enrollment Management and Student Services

Steven Salcido

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Services

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Italo Ciccarelli

Business Analyst

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Kristin Novak

ITC – Career

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Retention & Academic Success

Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny

Associate Vice President, Student Retention & Academic Success

Photo of Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny

Anne Cheng

Business Analyst

Photo of Anne Cheng

Strategic Student Support Programs

Dr. Viridiana Diaz

Associate Vice President, Strategic Diversity Initiatives

Photo of Dr. Viridiana  Diaz

Ana Uribe

Serna Center ASC II

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Business Operations

Shannon Ainger

Senior Budget Analyst

Photo of Shannon Ainger

Steven Colson

Business Analyst

Photo of Steven Colson

Corina Leister

Business Analyst

Photo of Corina Leister

Rusty Slabinski

Business Analyst

Photo of Rusty Slabinski

Karina Garcia-Solorio

Business Coordinator

Photo of Karina Garcia-Solorio

Information Technology

Susana Valdez

Information Technology Director

Photo of Susana Valdez

Martha Reyes

Imaging Coordinator

Photo of Martha Reyes

Ruby Espinoza

ITC Project Lead

Photo of Ruby Espinoza

Michael Collado

Technology Project Coordinator

Photo of Michael Collado

Manuel Pacheco

Web Coordinator

Photo of Manuel Pacheco

Nikolas Soza

IT Specialist

Photo of Nikolas Soza

Elizabeth Delgado

Document Processing Coordinator

Photo of Elizabeth Delgado

Marketing & Communications

Luis Kischmischian

Director, Marketing and Communications

Photo of Luis  Kischmischian

Rachael Howery

Multimedia Specialist

Photo of Rachael Howery

Alex Nichols

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Photo of Alex Nichols

Paul Le

Creative Design Specialist

Photo of Paul Le

Strategic Planning and Assessment

Mary Ann Wong

Student Affairs Project and Program Evaluation Manager

Photo of Mary Ann Wong

Austin Sihoe

Strategic Initiatives Lead

Photo of Austin Sihoe
Total Members: 32