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Division of Student Affairs

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Understanding Your Student Center

Log onto your My Sac State account to access your Student Center.

The Division of Student Affairs has developed a series of video walkthroughs to help you navigate your Student Center.

Student Scheduler

We're enhancing Sac State Scheduler with a host of helpful features, including in-app registration! No more having to return to your Student Center to register, now you'll be able to do it all within Scheduler. We've compiled resources to help you get ready for these new features and tools at our Student Planner website. There's a section specifically for students with step-by-step guides and links to support resources.

Student Planner Website

Student Center Video Series Introduction

How To Navigate Your Student Center

How To Update Your Preferred Name & Pronouns

How To Access Your Academic Requirements Report

How To Search For Classes

How To Add, Drop, & Swap Classes

How To Check Your Financial Aid Tab

How To Upload Financial Aid Documents

How To Check Your Holds & To Do List