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Academic Standing

About Academic Standing

About Academic Standing

At the end of each semester, students receive their Academic Standing, which is posted on the unofficial transcript below the grade point average (GPA) calculation. Academic Standing phrases include:

  • Good Standing
  • Academic Probation
  • Continued Probation
  • Academic Disqualification
  • Academic Dismissal
  • Administrative Probation
  • Administrative Disqualification

Academic Action Category Definitions

Academic Probation

A student is on Academic Probation when their CSUS GPA or Cumulative GPA is below a 2.0.

The first semester on academic probation serves as a warning. Any student on probation will be limited to enrolling in no more than 14 units per semester.

  1. Meet with an Academic Advisor.
  2. Seek academic tutoring services.
  3. Repeat courses that are a D or below. Learn more by reviewing Academic Policies.

Reinstatement Process

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