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First-Year Programs (FYP) Division of Student Affairs

About First-Year Programs (FYP)

About the Academic Advising: First-Year Programs

First-Year Programs from the Academic Advising Center include the two largest mandatory first-year advising programs on campus:

  • The First-Year Experience
  • The First-Year Advising (FYA) Program

Mission Statement

We provide holistic, student-centered advising and mentorship to ensure that students can feel confident in their ability to: navigate campus resources, use online advising tools, explore their major options as they relate to their career goals, and know their degree requirements, so that they can set themselves up for success and for timely graduation.

Need Help?

Need help scheduling advising or figuring out who your assigned advisor is?

E-mail the First-Year Advising coordinators at


First-Year Experience:

Peer Mentor program, for students who are enrolled in a First-Year Seminar course who are paired with a Peer Mentor for GE Advising.

The Peer Mentors operate from the First-Year Experience space on the 3rd floor of the University Library, and also via Zoom. Both in-person and virtual advising appointments are available Monday through Friday.

First-Year Advising (FYA) program:

For students who do not have a Peer Mentor or another mandatory advising program.

This program takes place in-person in Lassen Hall in the Academic Advising Center, and also online via Zoom, both in-person and virtual advising appointments are available Monday through Friday.

General Education/Graduation Requirements

General Education/Graduation Requirements to prioritize in the first year:

  • GE A1: Oral Communication (COMS 4 or 5)
  • GE A2: Written Communication (ENGL 5 or 5M or 10+11 or 10M+11M)
  • GE A3: Critical Thinking (multiple options) (Engineering majors are exempt from A3)
  • GE B4: Mathematical Reasoning (this course varies based upon major)