California State University, Sacramento

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Career Center Student Life

Meet Us


Melissa Repa

Career Center Director

Photo of Melissa  Repa

Denise Wolf

Experiential Learning Coordinator/Career Counselor

Photo of Denise  Wolf

Kate Lockwood

Employer Relations Coordinator

Photo of Kate  Lockwood

Mary Kober

Senior Employer Relations & Workforce Analyst

Photo of Mary  Kober

Marietess Masulit

College to Career Pathways Coordinator

Photo of Marietess  Masulit

Emanuel Melgarejo

Career Counselor/Experiential Learning Coordinator

Photo of Emanuel  Melgarejo

Michelle Okada

Lead Career Counselor & Experiential Learning Coordinator

Photo of Michelle  Okada

Alina Quintana

Career Development Advisor, Undeclared & Expressed Interest

Photo of Alina Quintana

Voun Sa

Employer Relations Specialist

Photo of Voun  Sa

Emma Wadiak

Career Development Specialist

Photo of Emma  Wadiak

Stephanie Francis

Internship Coordinator

Photo of Stephanie Francis

Taylor Sabine

Events/Logistics Coordinator

Photo of Taylor Sabine
Total Members: 12