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Transfer Credit

About Transfer Credit

Evaluation Process

An official transfer credit evaluation, summarizing prior college credit and indicating completed Sacramento State general education requirements will be prepared by the Transfer Credit Evaluations Office for first-time Sacramento State transfer students prior to the mandatory New Student Orientation.

All applicable work in progress will be evaluated when the final grades are received.

The results of the evaluation are available in the Student Center.

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Acceptance of Transfer Credit

Generally, students will be granted credit for baccalaureate-level courses successfully completed at regionally accredited two or four-year colleges.

All courses, except remedial, are accepted for degree credit from institutions awarding four-year degrees.

Articulation Agreements

For transfer credit agreements, use the following tools:

Limitations of Transfer Credit

Unit limitations apply to specific categories of credit which may be used to meet baccalaureate degree requirements:

  • A maximum of 70 semester (105 quarter) units from regionally accredited 2-year colleges.
  • Unlimited number of semester units from a 4-year Baccalaureate degree-granting regionally accredited institutions (with the exception of remedial courses).
  • A maximum of 30 semester units of examination credit (CLEP and/or Credit by Exam).
  • Unlimited number of semester units obtained through Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate examination.
  • A maximum of 30 semester units of military credit.
  • A maximum of 90 semester units from accredited foreign 4-year institutions (70 units from 2-year institutions).

Transfer Grade Policies

Visit the University Catalog to get more information about Transfer Grade Policies.

Transfer Credit Types

Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate

Students who present scores of three or better will be granted from three to six-semester units of college credit for each examination. You can get visit the University Catalog to get more information.


The number of units allowed are those recommended in the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experience in the Armed Services and the National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs. Up to six units of credit may be awarded. For more information contact the Sacramento State Admissions Office at (916) 278-1000 option 1.

Overseas Institutions

Credit is evaluated and granted from recognized overseas institutions based on certified transcripts, translated in English. Awarding of advanced standing varies depending on the educational system of the country.
CSU students planning to attend overseas institutions should check acceptance of credit prior to departure.

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