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Nicki Croly


Photo of Nicki Croly
  • Areas of Advisement: Colleges of HHS, NSM and academic non-college specific, Cultural, Political, Religious

Josh Mandel-Sonner

Assistant Director

Photo of Josh Mandel-Sonner
  • Areas of Advisement: Sport, Recreation

Vacant Position

Associate Director

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Megan Piermarini

Leadership Program Coordinator

Photo of Megan Piermarini
  • Areas of Advisement: Colleges of A&L, Business, Education, and ECS

Carla Hashley

Program Advisor, Leadership

Photo of Carla Hashley
  • Areas of Advisement: College of SSIS, Service, Special Interest

Ashley Torres

Program Advisor, Greek Life

Photo of Ashley Torres
  • Areas of Advisement: Greek Life

Jaclyn Crouch

Program Advisor, Sport Clubs

Photo of Jaclyn  Crouch
  • Areas of Advisement: Sport, Recreation

Aleia Luster

Resource Analyst

Photo of Aleia Luster

Kipcia Gonzalez

Administrative Support Coordinator

Photo of Kipcia  Gonzalez
Total Members: 9