Academic Resources

At Sacramento State, your son or daughter will undergo a transformative experience that will shape his or her future. Academics and coursework are essential parts of that experience. The education your son or daughter receives at Sacramento State will give him or her the skills, tools and understanding to propel him or her into a career.

College courses are more challenging than high school. Classes and material at a 4-year school are more difficult than at a community college. This means your student will need to adapt study habits, and plan to devote more time to assignments and studying than they have in the past. We recommend students devote two hours to studying for each hour they are in a class. For example: If a student has six hours of Biology class time each week, they should be studying for 12 hours outside of class. 

We recommend students:
  • Attend class regularly.
  • Budget time to study. Create a schedule.
  • Take and review notes.
  • Do the reading for the class. Take notes in the text.
  • Start or join a study group.
  • Utilize campus resources such as tutors, writing centers, department labs, and professors’ office hours.
  • Maintain a good GPA, which leads to good academic standing. 
  • Plan courses strategically to graduate within four years.
Starting Sac State: Family Transitions & New Beginnings

Review the presentation from Orientation that covers the changes you and your student may experience over the course of starting Sacramento State. The material is geared toward people who support students—whether that’s parents, spouses, grandparents, friends, siblings, or partners. The content is appropriate for freshmen and transfer students’ support system.