The Parents & Families has been working with SASEEP to help Sac State students stay in college and earn their degrees. SASEEP and The Parents & Families Program support student's parents. Here are just a few ways SASEEP is working to increase student success. 

3 Smart Goals Aligned With SASEEP Unit Goals

First-Year Experience Programs

SASEEP GOAL: Increase the first and second year retention rates of educational equity students by 2%
Evidence Measure: Annual equity report summary compiled by OIR with retention data points; assess improvement rates over prior retention years for each equity program 

Teach English 20 to sophomore EOP students in a pilot Sophomore Bridge course. This course is in high enough demand that not enough students can get the class. By providing the class in the summer to this cohort, EOP will be able to increase persistence using the course as a “bridge” between first and second years, for those who pass.
Evidence measure: Establish a baseline for this pilot program in the summer.
Goal: 90% passing rate.
Actual: 95% passing rate.

Continue the “College Success Project” research study with Harvard for a second year (2015-16) to improve retention rates for freshmen students. The purpose is to improve retention in freshmen year and from freshman to sophomore year through personalized and strategic communications with students’ parents. 
Evidence Measure: Compare students in the control and treatment groups; compare Year 1 (2014-15) and year 2 (2015-16)

SASEEP GOAL: Create task forces for each URM group on campus to increase engagement, campus pride, and identity points
Evidence Measure: Committee formulation and campus awareness
Specific markers: Monthly meetings and 4 marketing pieces by each committee

Create first “Student Parent Supports” group with monthly meetings and 4 marketing pieces in Sept. 2015. Serve 100 students between Sept. 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016. Get a baseline understanding of needs. Report these needs with the campus community and student newspaper on June 30, 2015 or prior to the end of the fiscal year.
Evidence measure: Find out who the parents are. Once we know who they are, plan first monthly meeting for Sept. 2015 with phone option and option to bring children. At first meeting ask students to write or list or choose what the top priorities are then determine which needs can feasibly be met.
Evidence measure: 48 student parents’ opted in in June 2015; we have started a database.