Sac State University Policy Manual

Educational Equity, Committee for

Policy Administrator: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: January 24, 1990
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Policy File Number: UME04000.htm


The Educational Equity Committee is a committee of the University, established by the President.  Its charge is to:

A. Review and provide recommendations on Educational Equity programs and activities within the University;

B. Consider new directions and ways to improve the qualitative strength of Educational Equity efforts;

C. Prepare an annual report on Educational Equity to address present conditions and accomplishments and focus on directions for the next and succeeding years. The actions of the Committee are in the form of recommendations to the President. The Senate and other bodies, as appropriate, shall be informed of actions as they are discussed or recommended by the Committee. In addition, the Committee shall coordinate the delivery of educational equity programs and activities in consultation with program directors/coordinators. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is the senior University administrator responsible for Educational Equity. The Educational Equity Committee is within that responsibility. Committee membership includes:
- 7 faculty: one from each of the five schools, appointed by the Senate in consultation with the Deans and their educational equity committees, one at-large faculty appointed by the Academic Senate and one designee of the Academic Senate. 

- 3 student affairs faculty or staff appointed by the Student Affairs Council. 

- 2 students appointed through the established campus process.

- 1 Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (ex- officio). 

- 1 administrator responsible for educational support services (ex-officio), appointed by the President. 

- 1 School-level administrator (ex-officio) appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

 - 1 Affirmative Action Officer (ex-officio). 

The appointments of the faculty members and student affairs faculty or staff will be staggered in 1 to 3 year terms. All others are annual appointments.