Sac State University Policy Manual

World Wide Web Policy

Policy Administrator: Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Telecommunications
Authority: PM BA 96-13
Effective Date: November 25, 1996
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Policy File Number: UMW20200.htm


1. Introduction

A. The objectives of this policy are:

1. To ensure that all members of the campus community have the maximum access possible to the new ways of generating, storing, and transmitting information in all forms. Electronic transmission of information is one of the media for accomplishing this objective.

2. To ensure that use of the university's electronic networks for electronic publication and access to information will follow the established communication standards and practices of the university. In addition to recognizing the similarities between the traditional communication media and the electronic publication media, the objective of this policy is to acknowledge that differences do exist between these media, such as speed of availability and transmission of the information.

B. The purposes of this policy are:

1. To ensure that all users maintain the traditional and essential principles of freedom of expression, respect for the rights of others, and respect for CSUS policies and state and federal laws.

2. To ensure that information relating to the university's programmatic offerings, policy statements and other campus information be:

(1) accurate,
(2) current,
(3) identified with a uniform indication of origin and responsible authority,
(4) quickly and easily accessible,
(5) consistent with federal and state law and reflective of established CSUS policies.

2. Policy

1. Basic principles

i. As with all other communication media, the university's computer and telecommunication resources can only be used as prescribed by the policies governing official university communication. However, the nature of electronic publication does require additional considerations.

ii. University computer and telecommunications resources should only be used for electronic publication that supports education, research, administrative processes, university sponsored community service and other pursuits related to the university's mission. The university policies covering appropriate use of campus computer
accounts apply to electronic publication. (See University Manual for University Computer and Network User Code of Ethics, University Computing and Telecommunications Security Policy, and Policy on Universal Off-Campus Computer Access to Information Resources.

iii.. Any publication platform (including pages on the World Wide Web) utilizing university resources is, in turn, a university resource and should be created and maintained with the same care and concern which all other university communication enjoy.

iv. Publishers are individuals or formal groups who have university affiliation and are using university resources. Publishers must conform to extant university policies, codes, rules and regulations related to the proper use of information technology resources. All information published under this policy must have a clearly
identifiable university member who is responsible for the publication. All publishers (either organizational or individual) will be held accountable for the timeliness, accuracy and reliability of the published information and for adherence to university policy.

v. Publishers with specialized requirements that significantly impact university resources may be asked to remove or modify material, or to reimburse the university for providing the service.

vi.The university retains the right to revoke the privileges of any user or group making inappropriate or unreasonable use of the university's facilities.

2. World Wide Web Policies

i. The university shall have a central home page, hereafter designated as the CSUS Home Page, and it shall be supported on the CSUSInfo Web Server.

ii. Publishers

(1) Colleges, departments, program centers, and auxiliaries may create Web pages and/or support other Web servers that are linked to the CSUS Home Page. The college deans, department chairs, and program center and auxiliary directors must authorize and be responsible for the content of the college, department, program
center, and auxiliary Web pages and/or Web servers.

(2) University sanctioned and approved student organizations may create Web pages which are linked to the CSUS Home Page. The university faculty sponsor or student activities staff advisor of each organization must authorize and be responsible for the content of the student organization's Web page.

(3) The university encourages faculty and administrator/staff to create individual Web pages and to link them to the university's Web pages. An individual Web page is a posting which contains instructional or administratively related information specific to an individual duties, responsibilities, or activities within the
university, and is pertinent to and in support of research/scholarship, creative activities and/or institutional management.

(4) Students, faculty and staff may create personal Web pages. A personal Web page is a posting which represents information of a personal or general nature not in support of learning/teaching, research/scholarship, creative activities and/or institutional management, but academically related to the mission of the university.

(5) Any student organization Web page or a personal Web page posted by a student, faculty, staff member shall contain the following disclaimer:

"[Insert student, faculty, staff or student organization name] takes full responsibility for the information posted. The information on this page represents that of [Insert student, faculty, staff or student organization name] and not that of California State University, Sacramento."

A student organization Web page or a personal Web page, whether hosted on a university and/or program center, college, department and/or auxiliary server, is subject to storage or space availability.

(6) Nothing in this policy is intended to exclude faculty, student, or
administrator/staff from experimenting with the use of the Web pages as long as any such pages are clearly identified as experimental pages.

iii. Responsibilities of Publishers/Information Providers

(1) Publishers/Information Providers will present information that serves the university community and contributes to the accomplishment of the university's mission. Publishers shall not provide confidential or sensitive information.  Personal data must not be posted unless written permission has been granted.

(2) Publishers/Information Providers are:

    (a) accountable and responsible for the content of the pages they publish,

    (b) responsible for the currency of information, and should, at a minimum, review and
          update pages prior to the beginning of each semester,

    (c) responsible for maintaining standards of quality and providing pages which are free of
         grammatical errors and printing mistakes,

    (d) required to test the accuracy of their Web pages, data and immediate links,

    (e) required to comply with all university policies and procedures, as well as state and
         federal laws concerning appropriate use of computers,

    (f) responsible for adhering to campus polices and guidelines for publishing including the use
         of the campus seal, signatures and communication marks,

    (g) required to post the following on each Web page: the name and contact details for the
         person responsible for the page, and the date the page was last updated.

iv. Additional limits on use: Except where it is explicitly permitted, it is a violation of one or more university policies for users of the university's Web facilities to:

(1) provide copyrighted material without written copyright permission,

(2) provide obscene, defamatory, or harassing language or material, or use the facilities to
      defame or harass,

(3) provide material for personal commercial gain,

(4) provide commercial services,

(5) receive compensation, from any party not entitled to utilize university resources, for
      distribution of materials,

(6) provide materials whose nature or volume compromise the ability of the Web Server to
      serve other users' documents.

c. Program Centers, Colleges, Departments, Units and Auxiliaries: Officially recognized entities of the university may maintain their own Web servers if they have the economic and personnel resources to support the activity. A university entity operating an independent server and establishing a link from the university must provide a server which:

i. is a dedicated production system running on an Un-interruptable Power Source (20 minutes),
ii. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
iii. has provisions available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for reacting responsibly to
    problems affecting Web server access; and,
iv. is backed up on a regular basis.