Sac State University Policy Manual
Policy Title: International Travel Policy
Policy Administrator: Division Vice Presidents
Authority: Integrated California State University Travel Policy 3601.01, April 2013 and CSU Coded Memorandum RM 2013-01
Effective Date: 10/28/13
Updated: New Policy
Index Cross-References: University Travel Policy, ADM-0147
Policy File Number: ACA-0146


Policy Statement:

Pursuant to Integrated CSU Administrative Manual, Policy No. 3601.01, and the Sacramento State Travel Policy, ADM -0147, the California State University (“CSU” or “University”) pays or reimburses for travel related expenses that are ordinary, reasonable, not extravagant, and necessary to conduct official University business. All expense reimbursements and business travel arrangements must comply with University policies and procedures, prudent accounting practices, and applicable collective bargaining agreements. Travelers may be held accountable for their conduct under any applicable University or campus policies, procedures, collective bargaining agreements, and/or applicable provisions of the California Education Code. Where the provisions of the CSU Travel Policy are in conflict with the collective bargaining agreements pursuant to HEERA, the collective bargaining agreements shall take precedence. The University assumes no financial responsibility for travel expenditures incurred by individuals who fail to adhere to policy. The campuses, if desired, may adopt more restrictive documentation, review and approval policies for CSU employees, students and others travelling on official University business than that required by the CSU. 

Pursuant to CSU Coded Memo RM 2013-01, all faculty, staff, students and others traveling internationally on CSU business do so in as safe a manner as possible. A component of safe international travel practices is to be sure that CSU requirements for insurance are in place before making such a trip.
This policy is enacted by California State University, Sacramento in accordance with Integrated CSU Administrative Manual, Travel Policy No. 3601.01 and CSU Coded Memo RM 2013-01, to insure timely compliance with CSU international travel policies and procedures.  Under this policy all employees, students, and others* who travel internationally on CSU business must follow the procedures set forth under the policy.  As explained in more detail in the procedures, employees, students and others who travel internationally on CSU business must obtain advance approval from their (1) respective unit manager(s) (including both the department chairs and the deans); (2) respective division vice president; and (3) the President no less than 30 days in advance of their travel; and secure travel insurance through the California State University Risk Management Authority (CSURMA) Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP). Failure to comply with this policy may result in non approval of travel.  Individuals travelling without the required approval will be determined to be in violation of this policy, engaging in unauthorized travel and not eligible for reimbursement.
* This policy also applies to others approved to travel to an international destination on behalf of California State University, Sacramento.

Who the Policy applies to:

The policy applies to all Sacramento State faculty, enrolled students, staff, administrators and others who contemplate travel to an international destination outside of the United States of America under the banner of California State University, Sacramento

Why the policy is necessary:

The policy is necessary to facilitate timely approval of requests for international travel and to comply with all CSU international travel policies and guidelines.


Each traveler is individually responsible for compliance with these procedures including but not limited to timely submission of his or her International Travel Expense Justification Request and obtaining the required approvals and insurance. Travelers may not delegate the responsibility for compliance with these procedures to any other individual.

International Travel Procedures

Approved by:
Alexander Gonzalez, President on October 28, 2013