A.  The responsibilities of the Academic Advising Center include, but are not limited to the following:


  1. Establishing advising goals which will guide the Center’s advising efforts.
  2. Developing an academic advising plan which specifies and informs students of their responsibilities as well as the University resources available for their use.  The plan should include, but not be limited to the following:


    1. Required advising meetings with program advisors.
    2. Additional requirements for special student populations such as probationary students or pre-professional students (Note: Advising is mandatory for students on probation. Departments/areas are required to provide advising to these students by the end of the second week of their first semester on probationary status).
    3. Consequences of failure to comply with mandatory advising requirements (e.g., setting advising holds for students who have not met with advisors). 
    4. Provisions that are in place for advising evening students - and students studying at off-campus sites, if applicable.


  1. Providing academic advising on General Education and the University’s graduation requirements for all students.
  2. Providing advising for all undeclared students on probation.
  3. Coordinating orientation and general advising with academic departments/areas and specialized student support programs.
  4. Developing and managing the University's academic-based orientation program (including mandatory freshman orientation) for new students and parents, including academic program advising.
  5. Providing advising each fall and spring for all first-time freshmen not being advised by academic departments/areas.  The current three-phase academic and career-advising model is designed to complement and enhance existing advising in academic departments/areas, not to replace it.


B.    The Academic Advising Center shall periodically assess the effectiveness of its academic advising plan, as it relates to its advising goals, and make improvements as needed.